Saturday, April 4, 2009

Revenge of the WASP!!!!!

So last Sunday I was at work in the bakery, out back making some colorful Easter cupcakes when myself and one other girl hear a few shrieks and gasps coming from the front of the store. We look out front and don't see anything so get back to work, a moment later one of the cashiers runs out back and declares in a state of alarm "there is a wasp in the bakery".

"Is it on the food?"


"whats the problem?"

She runs back out front to help the line of customers. The other girl and I both look at each other then peek out the window into the store front, there are about ten customers in the store a few men, women and one child. The entire group of them are cowering beside the sweet display while the one lone minuscule Wasp flies about the store minding its own business. My coworker goes out to regain calm. I decide I want to sit back and watch how this "incident" plays out, I take my place by the window and watch the scene unfold before my eyes.

My coworker dish towel in hand is running through the Bakery swishing and swiping into the air trying to shoo the Wasp toward the door. A woman at the counter ducks and flails her arms "WHERE IS THE WASP???? I'M NOT MOVING UNTIL I KNOW WHERE IT IS!!!" she clings her child protectively in front of her, three people inch further from her afraid her spastic flailing arms herald the approach of the Wasp.

I watch two men in their early fifties duck and cower by the cookie rack, the woman by the counter still shrieking and making a fuss "Where is the wasp??? where is the wasp???". The other customers in the store are still pressed firmly into the sweet display awaiting the removal of the wasp from the bakery before they dare walk out the door, all eyes on my coworker in quick pursuit. After about ten minutes my coworker finally gets the Wasp next to the door and pushes it open. One of the older gentlemen who was only just moments before ducking and hiding his head beneath his arms turns around and swings his bag in a last ditch effort of self preservation.

SUCCESS!!! The Wasp flies out the door, its reign of terror complete at last. The shrieking woman at the counter is still in hysterics and the older guy (must have been her husband) walks up to her puffing out his chest "Its okay honey I took care of it!".

My coworker comes back and we just look at each other and cant help but laugh!!! I realise its been a long winter but COME ON!!!!!

Human Race-0

Until we meet again wasp...until we meet again......

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