Saturday, April 18, 2009

hmmmmmm a baby or a capuchin monkey????

So sometimes I enjoy looking around online to see what adorable little creatures may be in need of a new home. Not that I am able to take on more until I own my own place, but I am always curious. Well last week I saw an add for a free Jack Russel Terrier and decided to let the people upstairs know about it, as they are considering getting their puppy a playmate.

I wrote out the info from the add and left it on a post-it note on their door, a few days later my neighbor asked me about the add and I told her I would try to find it again on Craigslist and print out a copy for her. I went back to Craigslist and there was no information about the Jack Russel but oddly enough there were two adds for a Capuchin monkey!!!!.

There are two type of people in the world those who have always dreamed of owning a monkey and those who have a bias against monkeys ( Dane Cook?). I am one of those people who always wanted one. As a kid I would reach into the monkey exhibit at the local zoo to hand my furry friends a peanut or a fruit slice. I wanted to take the spider monkeys home with me!!!. But as you get a bit older the possibility of having a monkey just seems non existent.

Now, lo and behold years later I find a link that makes the world of monkey ownership seem possible once more. I am ecstatic I run to get the boyfriend, hey Chris look!!!! WE CAN GET A MONKEY!!!!!! Can you believe it!!!. Chris's face darkens and the stern voice of reason pipes in "We are not getting a monkey".

I smile and laugh "That's what you said about both dogs too!!!", my dreams of monkey stewardship are not to be shot down by reason!!. The next morning I wake up and start to get ready for work, The monkey is on my brain. I sit in front of the computer and check YouTube "Hey Chris!! look these monkeys can help disabled people!!"...."WE ARE NOT GETTING A MONKEY!!!".

Later that evening, "Hey Chris lets face it, we missed the band wagon of having kids!!".

"What are you talking about?"

"Well everyone else has already had some so its not as exciting anymore....lets be the first ones in our group of friends TO HAVE A MONKEY!!!!"


" But think about it, A monkey will never ask you for an xbox for Christmas!!"

Silence...Chris's last line of defence when he has decided to hold fast to his opinion and refuses to listen to my arguments...For today I need to regroup my thoughts and prepare for tomorrows onslaught!!!. I glance behind me and there sits Mushu my Chihuahua/ Dachshund cross, her Giant Bulbous eyes send their Chihuahua cute beams straight for the heart I go and scoop her up and give her a cuddle.

The monkey pops into my head again...this time I see it pulling her tail, trying to bite her or carrying Foxy (my 3lb Pomeranian) onto the rooftop shrieking. Suddenly the monkey in my brain, as exciting and fabulous as it was only moments before grabs his adorable little hat and tiny suitcase and goes through the door of impossibility once more..... :(


  1. i think owning a monkey would be pretty sweet, but the novelty would wear off... now... a CHIMPANZEE... that would be pretty sweet.

    if everything hollywood has shown me is true, and i'm sure it is, then you can dress them up and they can become an amazing baseball star and pitch for an NBA team!


  2. Three words:
    Monkeys throw poo.


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