Friday, April 10, 2009


Conversations in my house usually go into three categories:

~things I care about but the boyfriend doesn't (being the largest)
~things he cares about but I don't (second in size)
~things we both enjoy that incite hours of stimulating conversations (IE: books, comics, music, movies...but allot of these can be funnelled into categories one and two, therefore its still the smallest)

The following conversation is a Category one:

Me: "who do you think would win in a fight between Cerberus and a chimera?"

Chris:*bewildered expression* "Whats a chimera?"

Me: "You know part lion/ goat and serpent!!"

Chris:"oh, I don't know"

Me: "Well the chimera is pretty Bad Ass!! Especially if you say he has a large serpent head in the front and a smaller one on the tail, then you can throw in wings, he seems to have the advantage!!. But then Cerberus is the hound of hell!!!...that's gotta make him pretty tough too right?"

Chris: *stares at me strangely in an uncomfortable silence for a minute*

Me: *sigh* " I wish I had some mythological friends!!!"

Chris: begins to laugh hysterically

Me: "NOT IMAGINARY FRIENDS!!!! people who enjoy mythology!!!!"

btw~ for those of you who may be curious I'm totally gunning for the chimera!!


  1. That's how every conversation with Garson goes. It's not just you.

    Yes, the chimera does seem pretty tough. But, I think that a mythological creature that I just made up would be even tougher. I call it a Tankdozerbundy. It's part army tank, part bulldozer, and part serial rapist. There's no telling how much damage that thing will do.

  2. Dave the Tankdozerbundy sounds horrifying!!!

    Did you see the South Park episode called imaginationland? If not, watch it!!! Im so sad that the good critters in imaginationland have to combat your new monstrocity now :)!!!! hahaha

  3. If I belived in hell, I would put my money on Cerberus. But since I don't, the safe bet would be the Chimera.


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