Thursday, May 26, 2011


For the past few months from January until about April, life has been in stasis. We (Chris and I) have needed to make changes but could not get on the same page as to where and what these changes needed to be. Allot of circle talk abounded where we discussed our future and both Chris and I refused to budge on our position of where and what we were going to do with our lives. But something BIG does need to change, Chris's career is not stable enough for family life, I need to find a career that allows me to be the mother I want to be, the baby deserves to be a part of a big loving family. The lifestyle we are currently living is no longer fulfilling either of us.

As it stands Chris is now working a job he doesn't like to pay the bills at a crappy rate of pay, while I love the bakery I am only working part time because raising my baby is more important to me. While Nova Scotia is still far more affordable than most other provinces, you still cant get ahead if the decent paying jobs are not available. We went in a matter of a year from comfortable to making ends meet and if we stay here that is all that is going to be possible for us.

Change can be hard, especially when you have an innocent little life in your midst that depends on some degree of stability. But sometimes you need to take stock of what you have and have faith that things can be better if you take a risk. We have a house out here, and I have a few good friends but that is ALL we have aside of course from each other. I know if we move we will be back to renting again for a few years, and I HATE renting but what will we gain?. A new career for Chris and myself living in a province where work will be constantly available, friends and family that have gone years in between visits. Yes we will have to start all over from scratch again, and while it should be daunting and frustrating I'm actually really excited for a fresh start.

Chris has a fantastic opportunity thanks to my step dad to get into an Apprenticeship in HVAC. The first part of the paperwork has gone through this week and now we await for it to go through the union, then for the job application to be approved. So that would mean a big move across the country for us to Vancouver! My home town :). Once we get there I plan on taking my E.C.E at home while I watch baby and hopefully I will be able to watch one or two other children while I spend the days with my girl!.

That's the plan, now while we wait to hear back from Chris's job we will be spending the next month fixing up the house so it can be put up for sale by mid June. I'm a little bit concerned about finding a place to rent with the dogs but we will do it!. So much change on the horizon I'm excited, I know it will not be easy but once we finish school the rewards will be worth the hard work!.