Saturday, April 25, 2009

Maybe its a Gemini thing???

Some days I feel like I'm two personalities in one body and these two personalities are in a constant struggle for dominance. Maybe its a Gemini thing? Or maybe its one of those GIRL things that makes us seem so crazy and indecisive all the time......

One Michelle loves everyone and everything, she sees the beauty in every flower and has compassion/ empathy for all people, plants and animals. This Michelle gets her feelings hurt very easily and puts too much meaning into peoples comments or tones, she cries over allot of things including tears of joy when she watches things like "Extreme Home make over". She enjoys giving to people, she likes making people food, taking care of others, giving unexpected gifts and a shoulder to cry on.

This Michelle sees injustice and the problems with the world and struggles internally to fix everything IE: poverty, animal abuse, global warming, she wants to open a women's shelter and sit down at a cafe with lonely people to give them a deserving friend. The sheer magnitude of the things this Michelle wants to accomplish become overwhelming and she is prone to fits of depression when she cant put on her fairy wings and wand and fix it all. This Michelle can be meddlesome in other peoples business but it is not malicious it is generally in an attempt to be helpful or to try to fix it. This Michelle is a dreamer an activist and prone to be the worlds biggest sucker if someone was able to get passed the other Michelle to abuse her good will.

The other Michelle is the steward of the first Michelle. This one has a backbone, shes the Michelle that shoots her mouth off and is willing to be a bitch to get the job done. This Michelle puts relationships on the chopping block and cuts people out for their transgressions (this generally takes a while as the first Michelle is prone to hundreds of second chances). This Michelle sees past peoples smiles and figures out their motives, she carefully screens those who are worthy to have access to the first Michelle. This Michelle is the one you will see if your on the opposing side of an argument. She is uncharitable and feels anyone not able to help themselves up should sit in the gutter. When the worlds problems cross her mind she shrugs and says "yeah well everyone has problems".

This Michelle has her good qualities as well, she is outgoing and fun at parties (where as the first Michelle tends to be timid and shy) She enjoys a good laugh and can be loud and rowdy. This Michelle is a good friend though and if you have gained access to the first Michelle then you also gain the protective loyalty of this Michelle as well. This Michelle doesn't fight for the world she fights for a few living within it. Her goals are based more in reality and survival. This Michelle is willing to take risks and enjoys a good adventure. She is sarcastic and blunt generally manages to push her way to the foreground of my personality.

The internal pendulum swings from one Michelle to the next at a moments notice sometimes and at others the two seem to blend into a mutual harmony. If you find though a difference in posts form one day to the next, one day positive and hopeful and the next negative and sarcastic you will see the stark contrast to these two sides for yourself.


  1. I can relate! But I'm a Leo :0

  2. You are both Michelle's at the same time because they are one. You. And the world is a better place for having you.


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