Monday, June 21, 2010

Lucky day!

This week outside of the library downtown I found a four leaf clover while walking by. A few days later while walking by the library again I found a second one!. Two lucky clovers this month, one for us and one for family and friends that's where I wish the luck and prosperity to go :).

Friday, June 18, 2010

27 today....

So I turned 27, Its pretty funny how two years ago on my 25th Birthday I was in a completely different place emotionally than I am now. At 25 I was feeling like a failure. I had planned (ahhh those plans)to already have a house, be married, a mother, have a career etc. Where was I? working customer service living in a rented basement suite watching as it seemed everyone else in life was having those milestone moments. As happy as I was for everyone, believe me I was!!. I couldn't help but feel a bit of envy and almost like I was being left behind. The whole world seemed to be moving forward and while I wasn't doing badly I felt like I was at a stand still.

Today I have a house, I'm engaged to the man of my dreams who also happens to be my best friend, I have a beautiful baby girl, two sweet little dogs and I have to say I'm truly happy. The funny thing is life stayed at a slow pace until about July of last year, changes started to happen fast and furious from the time we bought our car last year. July- new car, August- vacation home to visit loved ones, August/Sept- discovered we were pregnant, December- bought a house, Feb- got engaged, May- had a baby. Nothing happened when and how I thought it would but it did eventually happen. Life doesn't stay stagnant forever, it tends to happen to you while you live it. What have I learned in the last two years, I have learned that plans and goals are always nice to have but they are not made of cement they have to have room to move and shift or else they will crack and split apart and leave you frustrated.

What did I do for my birthday this year?. We wanted to drive up to Inverness beach but about halfway there (its about a 4 hour drive) the baby started to get a bit fussy so we opted to go check out Baddeck instead, we have been in Nova Scotia for 3 three years and we had never been there before. So we walked about with the dogs and baby, watching sailboats and checking out gift shops, the weather was beautiful we had some ice cream and pizza for lunch~in that order and made our way back home.

We rested for awhile around the house, then we packed up the baby and the puppies and went down to the drive in theater to see Shrek 4 and Karate Kid. Best idea EVER for people with babies and baby dogs!!. It only cost $15.00 per carload, the sound doest have to be too loud you have privacy to breastfeed the baby during the show. You don't have to worry about being the douche bag with the screaming baby ruining everyone Else's movie. You can bring your own food, we had Wendy's and brought our own chips and candy. It had been almost a full decade since the last time I had been to a drive in theater (wow that was an old lady thing to say) , I can guarantee this will be something we do frequently over the summer. I had a great time and I know the whole family did as well (especially the dogs! as they spent the entire day with us no staying at home while we went out).

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

good times!

Today was a great day for family fun! The sun was bright it was nice and hot outside. Chris and I decided to pack up the baby and the dogs, stop at the Tim Horton's drive thru and nab a couple of iced caps (one of my favourite things about summer) and go to the beach. We drove down to the beach and had it all to ourselves being the middle of the day in the middle of the week. Ahhhh funemployment!!. The dogs and Chris took a run along the beach and the baby cuddled up to me in her snugli under my light weight poncho. We only stayed at the beach for about 20 minutes as the wind was pretty strong in front of the water and we worried it may be too cold for the baby. We then decided to pack up the car again and make our way down to our old neighbourhood to stroll through the wooded trails they have there.

We started our walk with an encounter with three horse riders leaving the trail as we entered, Mushu and Foxy had no idea what the heck the horses were and would have loved to go sniff them. I'm just thankful they didn't start barking and scare the horses as two of the three riders were just young girls. We were in the woods for about an hour or so and then made our way back home. I'm glad we are still able to go out and do things even after the baby has arrived, The few bad weather days I have been house bound have been a bit boring and I'm grateful for the walks and day trips we have been taking each chance we get.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Craptastic days can have silver linings as well.

Yesterday I had planned to have the girls from work over for a brunch to say thanks for all the nice things they did for me and the baby, everyone said that Monday worked for them, so I cleaned up the house and made a crap load of food. Monday morning comes and most of the girls have to cancel for one reason or another. It could have been a crappy day if I let it but I didn't. My friend Emily did show up, and I haven't seen her in about two years because she was in Europe. I was able to catch up with her for a few hours which was nice and that evening I was also able to watch True Blood. All the leftover food worked out good for dinner and even lunch for today. Instead of being upset I'm going to see all the positive points, The house will now only need a quick upkeep clean this weekend before Chris's Mom arrives to visit. I learned how to make really yummy cucumber sandwiches~something I have never tried making before, I was finally able to use my three tier serving platter which I have had for two years. I learned that I could still pull off being a great hostess with a baby in tow.

All my positive energy and outlook was there, When Chris came home he looked sad and turned to me and said, I'm sorry today didn't work out as planned. I just looked at him and said "don't pity me!", I'm getting used to life throwing those curve balls into all of my plans. The best way to cope I'm finding is to see your plans like a river, they are always there but they move and change from moment to moment, you need to learn how to paddle through the placid waters but be prepared to rough the rapids. I guess the baby's Zen like calm is rubbing off on me. I will try again to have my get together maybe just meet up with smaller groups at a time, that way its easier for people to juggle their schedules.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Awesome person of the week!.

Last week Chris and I were waiting in the car at the Sobey's parking lot for my Mom and Dad. The Sobey's has a liquor store attached to it and we were parked closer to the liquor store entrance than the grocery entrance. A few minutes after my parents had gone into the grocery store we hear someones car coming from behind with their stereo system blasting out their tunes. A mini van comes into view speeding up to the liquor store, the song polluting the ears of all those unlucky enough to be near the parking lot happens to be "the Macarena".

The Macarena

Chris and I look at each other and I say " WOW, I have got to see who steps out of the van", Chris laughs apparently he was thinking the same thing. The door pops open and some 40 year old frumpy Mom comes out and dashes into the liquor store. What would possess her to be playing that song so loud, she wouldn't have even been in her prime influential years when that song came out. We collectively decided the only people more pitiful than this woman clinging to the love of her 1995-1996 one hit wonder 'the Macarena' are all those poor schmucks who lost their virginity to that song!. ouch!