Monday, April 20, 2009

Positve thinking, remember that little experiment, what has happened since???

So a little while ago I decided to try to change my thinking in a more positive upswing than before in an attempt to test the law of attraction. So from the time I have started a few things have changed and a few victories have taken place.

My boyfriend and I decided to change our thoughts from worrying about money to 'money comes effortlessly into our life', within a week of making this change He received a call back for a part time job. (to hold him over until a new animation contract comes up) He had been applying and looking for one for two months straight beforehand.

Now I very rarely receive junk mail directed to me personally I only ever get my fliers once a week and usually tucked in there is a generic CIBC MasterCard application directed to no one and everyone all at once. The second week of positive thinking I received not one but two letters directed at me for some prize sweepstakes. One from 'publishers clearing house' and another from 'readers digest'. Seeing as you weren't obligated to buy anything to enter I filled out my forms and sent them back, the draw takes place this fall. I will let you know if I won anything :)!!

I have been trying to sell homemade Gluten Free bread at the bakery for a few months now, we had been selling about 10 loaves every month and a half. Last month (post positive thinking) I sold 26 loaves and this month we sold 38 loaves! and the demand seems to be getting higher each week!!!. I will also throw in that I signed Chris up for the hokey pool at work and he won $200.00 last week as well.

Before Easter I had a customer come in and give me a beautiful rose out of the blue and I have never received any sort of gift from a customer in my almost ten years in dealing with the public. It made my week!!!. I also received no less than seven compliments from customers about my cheery disposition.....what ME???

This week I noticed the bakery advertising a new age angel seminar on our counter, We don't advertise for things like that....ever but here it was and I found it a bit weird. I went to the counter to take a peek and there was one, only ONE free admission ticket sitting under the stack of flyer's, next month I plan on going. It may be hokey or it may be the first step in re finding my interest in religion again :). who knows but at 0.00 $$$ I can afford to take an hour out of my day and check it out!.

Now this may all be random and circumstantial occurrences but seeing as things are going so well I'm going to continue to put out positive energy and thinking into the world. So far it hasn't hurt anything!!! Whether you believe it or not I think at least trying this experiment for yourselves is the best way to gauge its effectiveness.


  1. i love hearing with the universe starts providing for people!

  2. I am a big fan of postive affirmation and visualization.

  3. i find when i start letting go of negative thoughts and replace them with positive proactive seems to flow a little better.


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