Sunday, January 23, 2011

So much catching up to do!

So whats new in the life and times of me?? Halloween was awesome! I managed to sew/ create our family themed Halloween photo shoot as Jim Henson's Labyrinth characters!. Christmas came and went it was nice and quiet, just Me, Chris and the baby, we set up our first Christmas tree together and made our first turkey. It was good times. Baby had an accidental fall from her highchair the first week of January and fractured her femur bone, it healed nicely by months end and she is crawling/ attempting walking just fine on it now. I started to work a few half days at the bakery again around November, I only leave the baby when she is able to spend the time with Daddy, I really don't want to leave her with strangers for child care if I can help it.

We decided this January we were going to move back to Saskatchewan and Chris was going to go back to school to become an Electrician, I am planning on doing homeschooling to get my Early Childhood Education and Daycare Management so I can stay at home with the baby and still bring in a full time income. Gluten free baking is becoming a bit more lucrative for us, we added cookies and brownies to the bread we bake and they seem to be doing quite well. I cant believe how many people suffer from celiac disease these days. We planned to start renovating the house to sell it by summers end, we bought new flooring for the living room, the down stairs hallway and the office. As of today it remains in box waiting to be installed. We are trying to come up with a new 5 year plan, still debating when or if we should have a second baby, I'm hoping to lose enough weight this year to order my wedding dress, fingers crossed we settle on a wedding date soon too!.