Saturday, November 3, 2012

holy schnikey over a year since my last post.

Well lots has changed in the year since my last update so much in fact I`m just going to give you (whoever you may be random internet reader) the Coles notes version. Vancouver did not work out for us, there was drama, stress and we pretty much felt as though the province was trying to evict us, so we made another long move two provinces over to Saskatchewan. In allot of ways our lives have gotten and are getting better once again so much has happened since we got here this last spring that I dont have the desire to recapture it all in detail. We are just going to gloss over the last half of 2011 and the first three quarters of 2012.  What we are here today to blog about (me the royal we) is , At the latter half of 2011 I decided my destiny/calling what have you is to dedicate myself to becoming a writer. For years now I have had ideas rattling around in my brain and have always put off doing things with them, but I have decided to make a go of it. I have nothing to lose by trying to actually follow a dream and everything to gain if I keep at it!. So for months I have been doing writing exercises and  trying to plot out my dream novel series- the idea I am so in love with that I have paralyzed myself with fear over messing it up therefore left it on the back burner for 7-8 years. I still want to have the first novel done by the end of next summer but I need a warm up writing project!. SOOOOOOOOOOO I signed up for National Novel writing month in an attempt to fully flex my writing muscles and challenge myself to push forward on a tight deadline. The novel I am writing is a new idea that came to me the end of October and as it is not THE NOVEL SERIES that I have been slaving over drafting out this past year the pressure is minimal.  So I thought it may be fun to blog about my nanowrimo  experience to look back at how I handled the whole shebang!.

Day 1: I accomplished 2,123 words
Day 2: I wrote 1,835 words

running total:  3,958 words done- 46,042 words to go :)

In order to finish by months end I need to write at least 1700 words a day. Here goes nothing lets see what I can accomplish! Can I get a rob Schneider "you can do it?" up in here!. Oh yeah, once I started writing I got the image of this print in my mind, so its my inspiration image for the project!!!.