Sunday, December 28, 2008

Hottest women in Hollywood

So as promised here is part two of my two part list of Hollywood's hottest celebrities according to me!. In part one we covered the hottest men in Hollywood and now part two we will uncover some obvious beauties as well as some hidden gems of the hot female celebrity world.

Obvious beauty number one....


Angelina Jolie didn't strike me as a hottie when she first started to climb her way up through Hollywood. In fact I'm not going to lie, I found her down right greasy. But post Billy Bob Thornton she has blossomed into first a beautiful woman and then a beautiful person. So I blame all the grease and grime on Billy Bob (who still never looks quite clean). I'm happy to say that this is one actress in Hollywood that puts her money where her mouth is. She doesn't just say "I wish I could make the world a better place" then spend thousands on a prada purse. She donates a sizable amount to worthwhile charities and even puts herself in harms way as an ambassador for the U.N in third world countries. Way to go Angie! I'm glad to see a celebrity who didn't let success mar their compassion!.

Obvious beauty number two...


What do I like about Scarlet (aside from the fact she shares a name with one of my favourite fictional characters)?. Scarlet is a young female celebrity that unlike most of her peers has not spent three quarters of her career as a train wreck for the paparazzi. She is not bulimically thin, in fact that girl has a bit of ass to her, BUT that's a good thing. She has not gone on a drug or drinking binge and lastly and probably most importantly of all she has not been seen partying with Paris Hilton!!!. This is a young woman who doesn't believe that all publicity is good publicity and has managed to make herself one of the few classy young stars in Hollywood. I'll also add, marrying a Canadian endears her to the people up north as well!! :).

Obvious beauty number three....


I have been a fan since 'the tragic kingdom' album but unlike most of the things I have given up from my teen years Gwen is still a keeper. She has a great sense of style and is not afraid to be unique and dance to the funky beat of her own drum. I'm so jealous this girl can rock any hair color of the rainbow and make it look good. Gwen is always introducing the world to fresh new styles and sounds and for that she is one of my top three. The rocking Abs don't hurt either!! :).

Now for a few ladies who may or may not have hit your radar screen....


For those of you living in a hole for the past few years Evangeline Lily plays Kate on the television series 'Lost'. A fellow Canadian she was born in Saskatchewan but was discovered in my hometown of Vancouver and I believe she may have starred in a phone line personals ad in that area before she found her big break. I love this girl, she has my absolute favourite combination of green eyes matched with dark hair and she also sports a cute sparkling of freckles around her nose. She is the perfect blend of sexy meets girl next door despite her popularity on 'Lost' we haven't really seen her in any blockbuster films, which is a shame if you ask me, as she appears to have a great range of acting ability.


Can I get a "what?, what?" from all my fellow 'Xena' dorks...oh yes that would be the Warrior princess I am speaking of here. For those of you who missed out on that pop culture gem Hudson played a character named Callisto , who was the only other woman warrior with skills that rivaled Xena's. Despite the fact she played an evil psychopath there was always something very hot about her perhaps it was all leather and the dominatrix style authority she commanded. Even though she has been low radar since then I still have her near the top of my list.


Tricia plays the number six model of Cylon on 'Battlestar Galactica' (wow my dork roots are truly showing here). She too is a fellow Canadian born and raised in Alberta and she also hosted a season of Canada's next top model. What can I say? she is a truly beautiful woman and she has made the transition from model to actor flawlessly. This woman is proof that Canadians really can act and so to all those "Pamela Anderson's" out there you should try to take a page from Tricia's book instead and stop making this country look bad!!.


Many may remember Shannyn from 'A knights tale' where she played 'Heath Ledgers' leading lady, I have yet to watch the series Moonlight, another Vampire/mortal love tale out there but you may know her as the character Coraline. This hot Hawaiian usually scores larger roles in smaller films or small roles in the big ones. Why do I like her? She has a great classy yet exotic look to her, shes not the typical bottled blond that Hollywood sharts out enmasse and I really hope she is able to land a few more big roles to keep me from the boredom of watching the same five or six women in every movie.


I discovered Zooey through a few films 'Elf', 'the happening' and the t.v series 'Tin Man'. While I think she is absolutely beautiful to look at I'm not going to blow bubbles up her a$$ about her acting abilities. I find in the few things I have seen her in she somehow manages to make the majority of her lines sound comical or just plain devoid of emotion. If she sticks to a career in comedy she will be hugely successful. If you get a chance to view the miniseries 'Tin Man' you should really look for the scene where she shouts "your out of your tiny minds"...not sure if it was meant to be, but it was hilarious and I say it around the house all the time.


I discovered miss Lizzy from the series 'True Blood'.While watching I wondered where I may have seen her before and a trip to IMDB found me an answer, she was the angsty teen from 'Mean Girls'. Needless to say where 'Lindsay Lohan' peaked and fell from grace a few years after 'Mean Girls', Lizzy has blossomed into a very attractive woman. Now that's one hot Jew!!!


Star of 'the Tudors' Natalie played Anne Boleyn King Henry's second wife. While I'm sure there is many a lady who may think Johnathan Rhys Meyers is the hottest person on the Tudors I have to disagree and say that Natalie takes that title. She has a very pixie like face with very Sharp features but rather than those features making her look hard they manage to make her look very mysterious.


Well its official we need to harvest the eggs and sperm of the senior Gyllenhaal's. With both Maggie and Jake turning out so good imagine the potential of laboratory created Gyllenhaals for future fact lets build our genetically created friends an island called Gyllenhaaltopia where beautiful people roam around on sandy beaches half naked......sorry got carried away in fantasy land. You get the picture though!


Liv is cold hard evidence that 'Stephen Tyler's' Philandering has the potential to create something more than a painful rash and a need for a penicillin shot. She has been a sex symbol since her debut in the 'Aerosmith' music video 'crazy' where she and 'Alicia Silverstone' both broke into Hollywood. Since then she has gone on to do many roles including the role that captured the heart of every dork both male and female as 'Arwen' the elven princess in 'Lord of the Rings'.


I think everyone and their dog fell in Love with Audrey as 'Amelie' a few years back, while she hasn't been seen in to many large rolls since then I am adding her to my list because I still love the look of this girl. I generally don't find brown eyes attractive but I do make the exception when they are huge and framed by great thick lashes!!. She manages to seem very young despite her age and has a fresh unique look about her.


While shes technically not a "Hollywood" girl I am going to throw her in here because she is one of my favourite fetish models. You can check her out on her site ''.


Mrs. Teese has brought back (the once thought lost) art of burlesque in today's bare all world. She is a glamorous and gorgeous fetish model and her unique sense of style really sets her apart as beautiful. Who doesn't love a good old fashioned pin-up?.

Christmas party in the maritimes.

So I was invited to my boss's Christmas party last night, Christoph (my b.f) and I left to go make a quick appearance. Im not sure what I was expecting but it exceeded my wildest dreams of a Maritime Christmas party. It started off as any other party with people mingling and drinking, lots of food. As we didnt know alot of people we started off the night at the outskirts speaking to a few people but keeping ourselves low key, about an hour or so into the night people were already liquored up enough to begin to dance on the small space left in my boss's kitchen.

Typical radio tunes spilled out of the stereo system ie: "womainzer", "I kissed a girl", The ladies and "Harl" my boss began to dance and sing, it was fun but a fairly standard Christmas party......and then.....

Someone had the divine idea to put on some 'Great Big Sea' (to any international readers they are a Canadian maritime band and pretty much a Maritime stereotype throughout the rest of Canada). The whole house full of people started to sing along to sea shanty after sea shanty, we had a reel going in the kitchen and eventually it spilled out through the kitchen to the living room in the form of an old fashioned style line dance. Person after person danced, hopped and skipped merrily down the line and sent a new person back up again.

Eventually though the Celtic style dance was replaced by a congo line, of all things. Winding through out the house, people of all age groups young and old skipping merrily through out the home and overall having a great time.

Despite all my griping about the Maritimes I will have to say this the people out here are fabulous, they are warm, inviting and really know how to cut loose and just have some good old fashioned fun!. I had a great time and thats without having had any alcohol myself!!!.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

one more reason to hate small towns...

Boxing day on any calender as well as any other city I have lived in has always been December 26th, the day after Christmas. Well we woke up early and got ourselves all pumped up to go find a sweet sale here or there and what happens?. NOTHING IS OPEN!!!! Apparently boxing day in small town Nova Scotia actually falls on the 27th regardless as to whether it is a small business or a Mega Corporation like WalMart or Future Shop!!!!.

Its bad enough nothing is open passed 6:00pm on Sunday, ironically the only day for the past few weeks I have felt the urge to go grocery shopping to make a great supper after work!!!. I guess this is what I get for living in an overly religious town with traditional values.

Some days I miss the hustle and bustle of Vancouver, right down to the crack heads.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

So this is Christmas.....

So this Christmas eve I spent working from 8:30 in the morning until 5:00 pm. I wouldn't have minded the extra hours its just that everyone else left work at 2:00pm. I understand that they all had Christmas dinners and family/friends to see and were all in a rush to kick off their holidays. But when I'm asked to put it the extra hours after they all go skipping off into the sunset it feels a little like rubbing salt in the wound. I know I have no friends or family here on the east coast or anything special to look forward to for the holidays but It would have been nice for them to consider the fact that I may be missing my family and friends and not really in the mood to carry the brunt of their holiday duties on my shoulders single handed.

Especially when they left the store in a complete state of disarray and mayhem for me to clean up by myself. The boyfriend came down to help me and we mopped the floors and scrubbed it all clean. Extra money is a nice thing, but the attitude that I have nothing better to do with my time kind of pisses me off. I don't mind helping people out but when it feels like I'm being taken advantage of that's when I get annoyed. I'm sure no one even thought of it as a "lets screw Michelle out of her Christmas eve" but it bothered me none the less.

On a lighter note my Christmas eve was pleasant once I got back home. My boyfriend and I made a vegetarian lasagna for our Christmas dinner and we set up the dogs stockings with treats from "Santey Claus", they were so excited their little tails going full steam as they happily hopped about undecided on which treat to start on first. I even made them their own little lasagna treat (without onions and mushrooms like ours was) to eat for Christmas dinner. I was rewarded with two little poopie bums to clean when I woke up this morning as it may have been a bit too rich for them, but I think ultimately they had a really great time last night!!.

So I made the very best of who I had in my life this holiday season and tried overall to have a good attitude about Christmas this year and I think I have succeeded. While it may not be my favourite fact most years I detest the "holiday season" I think I was able to really relax and have a good time this year.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Hot List!!!

Part one of a two part series on the hottest Celebrities (in my opinion)Part one will cover the men and Part two will be Hot female Celebs.

So recently a friend of mine 'four leaf clover' added a small list of people she found attractive in the famous people you would sleep with category. I thought it would be fun to post a small list of celebrities that make my hot list. I was initially going to try something like People magazines top 100 best looking but then realised after about ten celebrities I would be throwing people in of average beauty (in my opinion) as filler. Lets face it the major magazines keep trying to tell us that people like Ben Afleck, Matt Damon, Sarah Jessica Parker and Uma Thurman are hot despite their unfortunate faces telling us a completely different story.

Around here we like to keep it Real!!!

We'll start with a few no brainers. In the male Category our obvious choices are the following...


Now don't get me wrong while I did enjoy the steamy love scene in 300 that is not the place where good ole Gerry stole my heart. If I'm going to be perfectly honest of where my desire began it was when I saw him as the tortured musical Opera Ghost in the movie adaptation of Andrew Lloyd Webber's Phantom of the Opera. While he may be controlling and mildly psychotic their is a part of me that feels with a little bit of love and compassion the Phantom of the Opera had a good chance to turn a new leaf!!. Who doesn't love a musician??? As for Gerry the Actor, It doesn't hurt that he has a HOT Scottish accent and enjoys wearing kilts!.


While most of his fan base is derived from 'Greys Anatomy' I was a late fan to Patrick Demsey's beauty. In fact he didn't even blip my radar until I saw 'Enchanted'. Maybe I just needed one extra hour of showtime to appreciate his charms? or perhaps it was the over sized view on the big screen that smacked me in head like a V8 commercial. But regardless here I am world this is one band wagon I ride willingly....grrrrrrrrrrrr.


Ahhh Johnny Depp, will there ever be a top Hotness list that doesn't include your name? Most likely not!. It doesn't matter if you dirty your teeth in 'Pirates of the Caribbean', if you go all misunderstood disfigured monster in 'Edward Scissorhands' or if you make the full transition into nut bar as 'Willie Wonka' or even 'Sweeney Todd'. I doubt we could wrangle a woman on the planet who would not trade her weight in gold to bag you for a night!!!. Obvious and unimaginative as it is, Johnny Depp is hot! that is not my opinion, just a fact of life.

Now we enter a realm of male hotness that is purely personal taste....Me I say- YUMMY!!!!


Oh snap!! that's right bitches, its Prince Caspian from 'Chronicles of Narnia', soon to be appearing as Dorian Grey in 'the Portrait of Dorian Grey' movie remake. One can only hope those sexy locks stay in tact for this film or at the very least if they have to be trimmed they auction of the tresses on Ebay for a worthwhile charity....or at the very least to grace some twisted woman's hair doll collection!!!I have never found men with nicer hair than me attractive...until now!!!.Thats right Fabio eat your steroid ridden heart out!!!.


Although it may be blasphemy to say this I may enjoy the Jim Sturgess covers of some of the Beatles songs a bit more than the originals. Despite his unkempt appearance and pseudo mullet in 'Across the Univierse' I have got to say that Jim Sturgess by far is the Sexiest Celebrity known to man. If I could have my choice to sleep with everyone on my list except him or only him but noone else, Jim would win. Im not sure what it is about that man that lights my fire? Is it the baby face begging to be ravished and sullied by me? Or is it his voice that called me in like a siren song?. Whatever the case may be if I had these Celebs listed in a top ten format he would be number one hands down!!!.


Long before Broke back mountain there were two characters that opened my eyes to the sexiness of Jake Gyllenhaal the first was 'Donnie Darko' and the second.....try not to laugh....'Bubble Boy'. While its obvious hes rather into blondes (Kirsten Dunst, Reese Witherspoon) I wont hold it against him!!!


Here is an actor who pops in as a hit or miss on the cute list. If were talking abut the James McAvoy from 'Becoming Jane' or 'Penelope' then Hells Yes cut my vegetarian ass a piece of that beef cake. But if were talking about the James McAvoy from 'Atonement' or 'Wanted' then he gets a meh? from me. So depending on costume and hair hes hot, without these vitals taken care of hes merely good looking.


Captain Karl 'Helo' Agathon of the 'Battlestar Galactica' remake (pushes nerd glasses further up nose :D). Tahmoh is easily number two or three on my list if I had these guys in a numerical order. His chiseled facial features give him an elflike quality that screams hot to this uber geek!!! In season one of the series hes trapped on Caprica with Sharon (a secret cylon) fighting for their lives, but Sharon still has time to get freaky with him...well who can blame the girl? I would be getting freaky with this guy despite the threat to my personal safety as well if I had the chance!!.


What Maid Marion ever saw in the gappy toothed Robin from BBC's 'Robin Hood' series is beyond me when Sir Guy of Gisborne was obviously the more attractive of the two. Despite the fact that Guy was a villian of this series he still had enough redeeming qualities to be salvagable relationship material.


In the end he skewered her like anyone would in such a situation when the fickal bitch came clean about her back stabbing ways. Ahhh Richard Artimage the hottest lad in Sherwood forest!.


As we were just discussing the BBC Robin Hood I thought I would throw in Will Scarlet as an honourable mention as second hottest lad in Sherwood for all the (boring) ladies who only wish to route for the good guys!!.


Hes gritty and saucy and down right dirty in most of his roles but hell I cant help but like the guy! Everyone has to have at least one guy on their list that makes everyone else shake their heads and wonder why. Clive is my one guy!!!


The leader, song writer and keyboardest of 'Nightwish'! One of my favourite bands! If you havnt listened to "kiss while your lips are still red" then you havnt lived, Trust me on that one! Hes talented, has a cute Finnish accent and Good looking to boot! what more could you ask for?.

Now we have two more gentlemen to add to our party... These boys fall into the "a few years to late but still so hot" categorey.


As if his roles of Han Solo and Indiana Jones didnt cement him as Hot in my books I recently watched 'Blade Runner'. With the hottest scene of male dominance when his Character 'Rick Deckard' throws 'Rachel' against the wall and kisses her... Gah every bead of sweat that glistens off this guy is manly and screams sex appeal. Hell I would even take old man Indie from 'the kingdom of the crystal skull' or his Character Quinn Harris in 'Six days Seven nights'. Young or old Harrison Ford is hotness in each decade he graces us with his presence!.


Thousands if not Millions of girls have fallen prey to the sex appeal of David Bowie from his role as 'Jareth' from Jim Henson's'Labyrinth' movie. There are whole facebook groups dedicated to the large bulge in his tights from that movie..some of which I am a member. What can I say? there is something about pseudo villians that women crave whether its the Goblin King, the Phantom of the Opera, V from V for Vendetta. We all want to love that misunderstood bad guy and turn him around.....but if we ever succeeded wouldnt we lose all the sex appeal that these bad boys bring with them?. Regardless David Bowie will forever be hottness for the ages. In fact even as an older Gent he looks perhaps better than he did in his youth, what with the nice new teeth and all!

Well that concludes part one of our two part series on hot Celebs join me next time to see my list of the hottest women in hollywood...some of them just may surprise you!!!.

Monday, December 15, 2008

taking care of business!!!!

So this week has been busy, busy, busy at work!!! Lots of baking and decorating and mood swings for all!! ho ho ho, Merry Christmas !!!!. My poor blog may be neglected in the next week or so as Im full time and then some until Christmas eve.

Thats okay though I need the money, I have a collecting habit that gets pretty costly after a while!!!. Not to mention my goal is to have all my credit cards down to a $0.00 balance no later than January 14th. So far.....well I still have a few weeks of pay to go right!!!! :)

I decided to check out an online ovulation calculator today, I guess the boyfriend gets lucky on Christmas and his Birthday too!!! hahaha exciting, but kind of annoying as well, still no Doctor but if I wait around for one I may have to wait until we move back out West which may not be for at least a year!!!. So we'll just get pregnant and have the provincial health authority assign us a prenatal doctor :).

Crazy baby related dreams this past week. I had one dream where I was at work and I was poking my pregnant belly to try and entice a baby kick and I was squishing my belly with my hands trying to feel the baby, then I noticed I could feel two heads and I was pregnant with twins, it was a pretty good dream.

Then the next few nights my dreams went in a whole new direction entirley, one dream I had given birth but the baby had to stay in the hospital, it wasnt too bad because the baby was healthy enough in that one.

But a few nights later I had a dream I was in a public shower and I had delivered a still born preemie on the floor, then I delivered only an extra pair of legs and a chopped up baby right beside it. It was so disgusting and vivid I was disturbed by it for a few nights afterwards. One dream Im pregnant with healthy twins, anouther dream I lose them both. Lets just hope its the jitters of making a big decision getting the better of me.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Oh Canada....

So this has been a very interesting few weeks in politics for Canadians, at least those who take time from their busy schedules to bother watching or reading the news. The formation of a coalition Government seems to have Canadians across the country split into two factions, those for the possibility of change and those against. In the current volatile economic climate where as of Dec 5th we reported the biggest job loss since 1982, it seems the general agreed upon undertone from both camps is anger.

With so much turmoil going on in this Country what has our government decided to do?, Why close the doors of Parliament for two months of course!.I may not be an economist but seeing as every other country is sitting down and trying to enact some form of damage control I cant readily believe this is whats best for our Country. So what has occurred in the past few weeks to take Canada from an economic crisis to a political one?.

Our tale begins with the November 27 economic update in the house of commons. It was here that Jim Flaherty revealed the fiscal update and the Conservative Governments latest "plans", which included banning civil servants from striking for the next 3 years, preventing women from fighting for pay equity, selling off some of Canada's government assets and of course removing public funding to the opposition parties of this country. It was here the conservative government waved the red flags of war. The Conservative governments current fiscal update had no economic stimulus package and it seems the only plans revealed that day were plans to set back labourers rights, women's rights and eliminate opposing parties for pure corporate and political gain . Unlike previous "I dare you to call an election" fear tactics used by Mr. Harper this time the opposition chose to rally the troops and face these issues with a responding battle cry "COALITION GOVERNMENT". The three opposition parties then decided to call for a vote of non-confidence, Which Mr. Harper managed to have delayed from December 2nd to December 8th.

After this announcement the following few days were filled with Conservative Propaganda claiming the formation of a coalition government is an undemocratic coup( apparently Mr. Harper doesn't realise that this is not American Politics). Critics of Harper believe he has intentionally attempted to play on Canadians lack of political knowledge as opposed to American politics.

In fact Mr. Harper himself had been in talks with both the NDP and the Bloc to form a coalition government in 2004.

As well as attempting to mislead Canadians about our own democratic system he also played the divide and conquer card, attempting to turn this situation into a Separatist Conspiracy to bring down Canada, Mr. Harper even went so far as to claim that the coalition would not sign their agreement in front of the Canadian flag(Lie).

"Yesterday, as part of the culmination of the machinations of the leader of the NDP, we had these three parties together, forming this agreement, signing a document and they wouldn't even have the Canadian flag behind them, They had to be photographed without it because a member of their coalition does not even believe in the country." ~Stephen Harper

description of the photo

The Governor General was summoned from overseas to help to settle this mess for concerned Canadians, she ultimately decided after a two hour talk with Mr. Harper that a proroguement of Parliament was what was best for Canada at this time. Therefore the doors of Parliament were closed until late January and Mr.Harper was able to dodge the vote. For a man who pulled the undemocratic card out first it seems hypocritical that he would attempt to bloc a democratic vote of the house. One can only hope that the coalition is ready and able to make the vote in two months time. That is if the Liberal party can learn to keep their emotions in check and take a page from the conservatives book-stand united and support your leader no matter how much you may or may not agree with him. Several Liberal Mps began to shoot their mouths off after the Governor Generals decision and that may have ultimately hurt the coalition in the eyes of the public, we know Mr. Harper is sure to use their moments of weakness as a way to discredit the Coalition in the new year.

Why do I support this coalition government? Because 62% of the voting public chose parties that were not the conservatives. These parties are opting to work together therefore the majority of Canadians elected officials are going to be the ones making the choices for this country. Rather than the 38% who only had one right wing party to throw their vote at in the first place. Lets remember that your vote went towards your local Mp not to one Prime minister, therefore its your Mp that is fighting for you and your needs, I would love to see the majority of Canadians Mps out there making a difference for them. It seems more democratic to me that the majority of Parliament work together to make positive change and keep the other parties in check to avoid corruption rather than have one party act as chief and commander for the entire country. It is a system that works well all over the world (including Israel, so if their parties can make peace in Parliament I doubt the Bloc and the Liberal/Ndp will fair any worse).

Monday, December 1, 2008

Bolt, boots and babies!!!!

One month away from 2009 and I'm truly feeling the extent of my own mortality. This year has come and gone in such short order that I feel as though my life has been put in fast forward. If the years to come flow by this quickly I will be dead and gone in nothing but the blink of an eye. It is a rather sobering thought and in retrospect its thoughts like these that may have started my current life planning panic mode. The expression do or die has never felt more relevant to me than now.

This week I took a peek at value village and picked up a few books, one of which was "the mother of all pregnancy books Canadian edition", I have gone through about three quarters of it and decided the Gorey birthing details chapter can wait until after we conceive. Now the challenge is trying to find a doctor to get a pre-pregnancy check up and hopefully that doctor will be the same doctor that takes care of me during my whole pregnancy....but we'll see I'm trying to remind myself that I need to be more flexible with my life plans so I don't have another full blown attack of panic/rage like I did last week.

But overall although I'm not done researching this whole parenting thing before I start to actively try for a baby I think I'm feeling a bit more confident that I'm ready to get this ball rolling in the new year. The boyfriend is taking a very light approach to the whole idea and trying to calm any fears I may have with things like "It will all work out", and "we'll just do what we have to do to take care of a baby". I know he means well but his attempt at this calm, cool approach is only doing one thing for me- making me worry and panic enough for the both of us. I don't think bringing a human being into the world who could die or get ill on any given day you fuck up is something to take as lightly as a change in weather. I honestly don't believe he has any idea what is going to be involved in parenting and I do think he is going to be in for a hell of a jolt when we have a screaming baby keeping us up all hours of the night.

Now back to life pre-biological clock meltdown. I have finally received an order for some of my Gluten free bread for this Wednesday so tomorrow night I'm going to start a batch and get this side business thing started!!. I had almost given up hope that anyone would report back with whether or not they liked it. In fact ironically that very afternoon my boss had just started to tease me and tell me I must have poisoned the customers I gave a sample too. After the couple came in to place the order I phoned him and told him triumphantly that no one had been poisoned!!. We both laughed pretty hard about the timing on that one.

Sweater boots!!! I have fallen in love with a pair of sweater boots and I'm just waiting for some Christmas money to roll in the mail to pick myself up a pair.

I normally don't fall into the shoe lover category ( I have been known to cling viciously to an old pair of sneakers until the point they develop drastic water seepage through holes time and again) but this fall I have been obsessed with Knit anything!!! I have picked up a few very interesting knit blouses (did I just say blouse? :)) and have decided that sweaters have officially made the transition from Grandma to sexy!. Go sweaters!!!. I might note that since I have started knitting I have had a new found respect for knitwear in general, but never like this. It can only be described as a full on fetish.

Cute movie alert!!! BOLT.

If you have a dog I'm sure you will love this movie!! As I have two little dogs with big hearts very much like Bolt this movie tugged at my heart strings. This movie is great for younger kids as there is no real concrete bad guy to scare them and it is full of slapstick and running gags two styles of humor favoured by children. The fact that a variety of animals starring in this film cover pretty much every pet group makes it easy for most children to find a favourite character based on the animals they love in their own lives. For the adults it is no DreamWorks animation full of jokes/gags and innuendo that floats safely over children's heads, but its also not as bad as sitting through an episode of any of the disgustingly sweet garbage your forced to endure on tree house TV. Overall a good family film but keep in mind the target audience is a bit younger than alot of these animated films.