Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Puppy love!!

Every morning when I open my eyes and take my first morning yawn I'm greeted by the feeling of four tiny feet scampering up my blanket and a plunk of weight on my chest. If I close my eyes quickly to go back to sleep the weight on my chest remains still and eventually will curl up in a ball at my side. If my eyes remain open I'm greeted with the full power of puppy love, A minuscule tongue whips my face in a frenzy and a little tail swishes madly from side to side. I find its hard to wake up in a bad mood with that kind of a Chihuahua greeting each day. If I'm especially lucky on any given morning I will also get a good sneeze in my direction from my little Pomeranian as she scampers over and flips on her back for a morning belly rub.

I cant rightly recall what life was like without two sets of bulbous eyes staring at me each time I grab myself a snack or a plate of dinner. Its hard to imagine opening the door without the loud yaps of excitement and two legged hopping when I come home, even if Ive only gone outside to check the mail. I defiantly cant remember napping so soundly without two little heaters pressed into any nook or cranny they can find on the couch beside me.

When I have a bad day at work it all melts away when I get home and spend a few minutes with my baby dogs. Every outing we go on becomes far more exciting and magical as I see the splendor of the woods or the beach from my dogs eyes. They remind me to enjoy life to its fullest and that everyday offers something to get excited about even if its something as simple as waking up to the people you love each morning.

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