Monday, March 16, 2009

Words of wisdom...

"Never Fear Being Vulgar, Just Boring"

-Diana Vreeland

Words I live by daily.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

get to know me better...

A few Random Michellie thoughts today....

The first is that I am hereby and henceforth changing the term 'common sense' to 'uncommon sense'. I feel 'common sense' is an oxymoron as those with sense seem to be outnumbered by those without, therefore sense is now less common. So have some uncommon sense in the future and know you are now among the elite few in society.....your ritual robe and hazing guide shall arrive in the mail shortly.

Second I have a theory about fat girls with small breasts....god hates them. The only perk about putting on weight is the sweet jugs that come with the package, if the sweet jugs don't arrive after a years worth of binging at 'Dunk in Donuts' then you must have killed an orphan in a past life. Evidently I was Genghis Khan, My evening will be filled with shaking my fist at the sky angrily while I do some squats.

Twenty things I enjoy in life.....

1. family (includes my boyfriend and puppies)
2. friends
3. everyone Else's puppies and kitties :).
4. unicorns, fairies, elves anything mythological or fantasy related.
5. Paganism and finding faith in the goddess.
6. Gothic Lolita fashion.
7. Spicy foods, spiced with freshly diced Habenero peppers.
8. books, sometimes as a kid they were my only friends.
9. laughing, I enjoy laughing and making other people laugh.
10. art projects, painting sculpting, drawing.
11. Mango ice cream, it dominated cheesecake in my favourite dessert category.
12. Forests, nothing soothes my soul better than a hike in the woods.
13. Beach combing, I love to find natures treasures on the shore.
14. Imagination, I could daydream all day if I had the time.
15. Zoodles straight from the can, bowls and microwaves are for suckers.
16. collecting Windstones and fairies.
17. road trips, I just like driving on long stretches of road with my boyfriend and a cup of Tim Horton's coffee.
18. flea markets/ thrift stores someone Else's junk most likely will be my treasure.
19. poker nights with friends, so much fun I miss those.
20. planning a get together that requires cooking a great meal and playing hostess.

20 things that I hate (yes I know its a strong word)

1. Mankind's superiority complex over the animal kingdom, has it ever occurred to you that your not better than them?.
2. teen angst, emo, all of it. makes me grit my teeth.
3. celebrity worship, yes some of them are attractive but I also realise they fart and poop like the rest of us.
4. Stephen Harper, that's right Steve-o, you hate the ladies and we hate you too!
5. Movie adaptations of comics, Hollywood has raped every character I have ever loved (except you V).
6. People who talk on their cell phones while being waited on in line...your fucking rude and I hope you get short changed every time.
7. Cell phones, used for anything less than an emergency or to help you meet up with someone in person. Remember the good old days when people only had cell phones if they had important business calls???. Not soccer moms calling home to get a household census on ice cream or potato chips!!.
8. People who tap glass, tapping glass displays or animals terrariums, your an ignorant chimp....try using your words.
9. The screech of death all children make in the Wall mart.
10. People who walk slowly and wont move to one side of a shopping aisle, also in this category people who stand around and chat in shopping aisles blocking them for other customers.
11. When I have to repeat myself to people more than once.
12. People who ask questions then don't shut up to hear the answer. Especially when they interrupt the answer halfway to repeat the same stupid question.
13. Stand up showers,not fun to shave in.
14. Unwashed moldy smelling coats, for a year straight guys with the gross coats would always decide to sit next to me at the theater, now I block my seat.
15. People who are blatantly rude to sales people because they know the sales person has to be polite to them.
16. Parents who watch their children throw tantrums in a store but they still buy them the candy (or reward them).
17. creepy old guys who hit on young girls if your 40 and dating a 19 year old your just a loophole pedophile. (cougars this is you too!)
18. Fake people, be yourself , life is to short to try to impress everyone else.
19. Bleeding heart liberals sympathy for societies monsters, if you rape a woman or child your rights should be forfeit.
20. Dogma and organised religion, I feel it pushes man further from god.

there you have it folks some randomness... enjoy or don't.....its up to you!!!