Monday, December 15, 2008

taking care of business!!!!

So this week has been busy, busy, busy at work!!! Lots of baking and decorating and mood swings for all!! ho ho ho, Merry Christmas !!!!. My poor blog may be neglected in the next week or so as Im full time and then some until Christmas eve.

Thats okay though I need the money, I have a collecting habit that gets pretty costly after a while!!!. Not to mention my goal is to have all my credit cards down to a $0.00 balance no later than January 14th. So far.....well I still have a few weeks of pay to go right!!!! :)

I decided to check out an online ovulation calculator today, I guess the boyfriend gets lucky on Christmas and his Birthday too!!! hahaha exciting, but kind of annoying as well, still no Doctor but if I wait around for one I may have to wait until we move back out West which may not be for at least a year!!!. So we'll just get pregnant and have the provincial health authority assign us a prenatal doctor :).

Crazy baby related dreams this past week. I had one dream where I was at work and I was poking my pregnant belly to try and entice a baby kick and I was squishing my belly with my hands trying to feel the baby, then I noticed I could feel two heads and I was pregnant with twins, it was a pretty good dream.

Then the next few nights my dreams went in a whole new direction entirley, one dream I had given birth but the baby had to stay in the hospital, it wasnt too bad because the baby was healthy enough in that one.

But a few nights later I had a dream I was in a public shower and I had delivered a still born preemie on the floor, then I delivered only an extra pair of legs and a chopped up baby right beside it. It was so disgusting and vivid I was disturbed by it for a few nights afterwards. One dream Im pregnant with healthy twins, anouther dream I lose them both. Lets just hope its the jitters of making a big decision getting the better of me.