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Hot List!!!

Part one of a two part series on the hottest Celebrities (in my opinion)Part one will cover the men and Part two will be Hot female Celebs.

So recently a friend of mine 'four leaf clover' added a small list of people she found attractive in the famous people you would sleep with category. I thought it would be fun to post a small list of celebrities that make my hot list. I was initially going to try something like People magazines top 100 best looking but then realised after about ten celebrities I would be throwing people in of average beauty (in my opinion) as filler. Lets face it the major magazines keep trying to tell us that people like Ben Afleck, Matt Damon, Sarah Jessica Parker and Uma Thurman are hot despite their unfortunate faces telling us a completely different story.

Around here we like to keep it Real!!!

We'll start with a few no brainers. In the male Category our obvious choices are the following...


Now don't get me wrong while I did enjoy the steamy love scene in 300 that is not the place where good ole Gerry stole my heart. If I'm going to be perfectly honest of where my desire began it was when I saw him as the tortured musical Opera Ghost in the movie adaptation of Andrew Lloyd Webber's Phantom of the Opera. While he may be controlling and mildly psychotic their is a part of me that feels with a little bit of love and compassion the Phantom of the Opera had a good chance to turn a new leaf!!. Who doesn't love a musician??? As for Gerry the Actor, It doesn't hurt that he has a HOT Scottish accent and enjoys wearing kilts!.


While most of his fan base is derived from 'Greys Anatomy' I was a late fan to Patrick Demsey's beauty. In fact he didn't even blip my radar until I saw 'Enchanted'. Maybe I just needed one extra hour of showtime to appreciate his charms? or perhaps it was the over sized view on the big screen that smacked me in head like a V8 commercial. But regardless here I am world this is one band wagon I ride willingly....grrrrrrrrrrrr.


Ahhh Johnny Depp, will there ever be a top Hotness list that doesn't include your name? Most likely not!. It doesn't matter if you dirty your teeth in 'Pirates of the Caribbean', if you go all misunderstood disfigured monster in 'Edward Scissorhands' or if you make the full transition into nut bar as 'Willie Wonka' or even 'Sweeney Todd'. I doubt we could wrangle a woman on the planet who would not trade her weight in gold to bag you for a night!!!. Obvious and unimaginative as it is, Johnny Depp is hot! that is not my opinion, just a fact of life.

Now we enter a realm of male hotness that is purely personal taste....Me I say- YUMMY!!!!


Oh snap!! that's right bitches, its Prince Caspian from 'Chronicles of Narnia', soon to be appearing as Dorian Grey in 'the Portrait of Dorian Grey' movie remake. One can only hope those sexy locks stay in tact for this film or at the very least if they have to be trimmed they auction of the tresses on Ebay for a worthwhile charity....or at the very least to grace some twisted woman's hair doll collection!!!I have never found men with nicer hair than me attractive...until now!!!.Thats right Fabio eat your steroid ridden heart out!!!.


Although it may be blasphemy to say this I may enjoy the Jim Sturgess covers of some of the Beatles songs a bit more than the originals. Despite his unkempt appearance and pseudo mullet in 'Across the Univierse' I have got to say that Jim Sturgess by far is the Sexiest Celebrity known to man. If I could have my choice to sleep with everyone on my list except him or only him but noone else, Jim would win. Im not sure what it is about that man that lights my fire? Is it the baby face begging to be ravished and sullied by me? Or is it his voice that called me in like a siren song?. Whatever the case may be if I had these Celebs listed in a top ten format he would be number one hands down!!!.


Long before Broke back mountain there were two characters that opened my eyes to the sexiness of Jake Gyllenhaal the first was 'Donnie Darko' and the second.....try not to laugh....'Bubble Boy'. While its obvious hes rather into blondes (Kirsten Dunst, Reese Witherspoon) I wont hold it against him!!!


Here is an actor who pops in as a hit or miss on the cute list. If were talking abut the James McAvoy from 'Becoming Jane' or 'Penelope' then Hells Yes cut my vegetarian ass a piece of that beef cake. But if were talking about the James McAvoy from 'Atonement' or 'Wanted' then he gets a meh? from me. So depending on costume and hair hes hot, without these vitals taken care of hes merely good looking.


Captain Karl 'Helo' Agathon of the 'Battlestar Galactica' remake (pushes nerd glasses further up nose :D). Tahmoh is easily number two or three on my list if I had these guys in a numerical order. His chiseled facial features give him an elflike quality that screams hot to this uber geek!!! In season one of the series hes trapped on Caprica with Sharon (a secret cylon) fighting for their lives, but Sharon still has time to get freaky with him...well who can blame the girl? I would be getting freaky with this guy despite the threat to my personal safety as well if I had the chance!!.


What Maid Marion ever saw in the gappy toothed Robin from BBC's 'Robin Hood' series is beyond me when Sir Guy of Gisborne was obviously the more attractive of the two. Despite the fact that Guy was a villian of this series he still had enough redeeming qualities to be salvagable relationship material.


In the end he skewered her like anyone would in such a situation when the fickal bitch came clean about her back stabbing ways. Ahhh Richard Artimage the hottest lad in Sherwood forest!.


As we were just discussing the BBC Robin Hood I thought I would throw in Will Scarlet as an honourable mention as second hottest lad in Sherwood for all the (boring) ladies who only wish to route for the good guys!!.


Hes gritty and saucy and down right dirty in most of his roles but hell I cant help but like the guy! Everyone has to have at least one guy on their list that makes everyone else shake their heads and wonder why. Clive is my one guy!!!


The leader, song writer and keyboardest of 'Nightwish'! One of my favourite bands! If you havnt listened to "kiss while your lips are still red" then you havnt lived, Trust me on that one! Hes talented, has a cute Finnish accent and Good looking to boot! what more could you ask for?.

Now we have two more gentlemen to add to our party... These boys fall into the "a few years to late but still so hot" categorey.


As if his roles of Han Solo and Indiana Jones didnt cement him as Hot in my books I recently watched 'Blade Runner'. With the hottest scene of male dominance when his Character 'Rick Deckard' throws 'Rachel' against the wall and kisses her... Gah every bead of sweat that glistens off this guy is manly and screams sex appeal. Hell I would even take old man Indie from 'the kingdom of the crystal skull' or his Character Quinn Harris in 'Six days Seven nights'. Young or old Harrison Ford is hotness in each decade he graces us with his presence!.


Thousands if not Millions of girls have fallen prey to the sex appeal of David Bowie from his role as 'Jareth' from Jim Henson's'Labyrinth' movie. There are whole facebook groups dedicated to the large bulge in his tights from that movie..some of which I am a member. What can I say? there is something about pseudo villians that women crave whether its the Goblin King, the Phantom of the Opera, V from V for Vendetta. We all want to love that misunderstood bad guy and turn him around.....but if we ever succeeded wouldnt we lose all the sex appeal that these bad boys bring with them?. Regardless David Bowie will forever be hottness for the ages. In fact even as an older Gent he looks perhaps better than he did in his youth, what with the nice new teeth and all!

Well that concludes part one of our two part series on hot Celebs join me next time to see my list of the hottest women in hollywood...some of them just may surprise you!!!.

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  1. hm, seems to me like we have a very similar taste in the sexiness of men... i also love "Obvious and unimaginative as it is, Johnny Depp is hot! that is not my opinion, just a fact of life." it made me gigggle (with 3 g's)

    look forward to part 2!


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