Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas party in the maritimes.

So I was invited to my boss's Christmas party last night, Christoph (my b.f) and I left to go make a quick appearance. Im not sure what I was expecting but it exceeded my wildest dreams of a Maritime Christmas party. It started off as any other party with people mingling and drinking, lots of food. As we didnt know alot of people we started off the night at the outskirts speaking to a few people but keeping ourselves low key, about an hour or so into the night people were already liquored up enough to begin to dance on the small space left in my boss's kitchen.

Typical radio tunes spilled out of the stereo system ie: "womainzer", "I kissed a girl", The ladies and "Harl" my boss began to dance and sing, it was fun but a fairly standard Christmas party......and then.....

Someone had the divine idea to put on some 'Great Big Sea' (to any international readers they are a Canadian maritime band and pretty much a Maritime stereotype throughout the rest of Canada). The whole house full of people started to sing along to sea shanty after sea shanty, we had a reel going in the kitchen and eventually it spilled out through the kitchen to the living room in the form of an old fashioned style line dance. Person after person danced, hopped and skipped merrily down the line and sent a new person back up again.

Eventually though the Celtic style dance was replaced by a congo line, of all things. Winding through out the house, people of all age groups young and old skipping merrily through out the home and overall having a great time.

Despite all my griping about the Maritimes I will have to say this the people out here are fabulous, they are warm, inviting and really know how to cut loose and just have some good old fashioned fun!. I had a great time and thats without having had any alcohol myself!!!.

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