Sunday, December 28, 2008

Hottest women in Hollywood

So as promised here is part two of my two part list of Hollywood's hottest celebrities according to me!. In part one we covered the hottest men in Hollywood and now part two we will uncover some obvious beauties as well as some hidden gems of the hot female celebrity world.

Obvious beauty number one....


Angelina Jolie didn't strike me as a hottie when she first started to climb her way up through Hollywood. In fact I'm not going to lie, I found her down right greasy. But post Billy Bob Thornton she has blossomed into first a beautiful woman and then a beautiful person. So I blame all the grease and grime on Billy Bob (who still never looks quite clean). I'm happy to say that this is one actress in Hollywood that puts her money where her mouth is. She doesn't just say "I wish I could make the world a better place" then spend thousands on a prada purse. She donates a sizable amount to worthwhile charities and even puts herself in harms way as an ambassador for the U.N in third world countries. Way to go Angie! I'm glad to see a celebrity who didn't let success mar their compassion!.

Obvious beauty number two...


What do I like about Scarlet (aside from the fact she shares a name with one of my favourite fictional characters)?. Scarlet is a young female celebrity that unlike most of her peers has not spent three quarters of her career as a train wreck for the paparazzi. She is not bulimically thin, in fact that girl has a bit of ass to her, BUT that's a good thing. She has not gone on a drug or drinking binge and lastly and probably most importantly of all she has not been seen partying with Paris Hilton!!!. This is a young woman who doesn't believe that all publicity is good publicity and has managed to make herself one of the few classy young stars in Hollywood. I'll also add, marrying a Canadian endears her to the people up north as well!! :).

Obvious beauty number three....


I have been a fan since 'the tragic kingdom' album but unlike most of the things I have given up from my teen years Gwen is still a keeper. She has a great sense of style and is not afraid to be unique and dance to the funky beat of her own drum. I'm so jealous this girl can rock any hair color of the rainbow and make it look good. Gwen is always introducing the world to fresh new styles and sounds and for that she is one of my top three. The rocking Abs don't hurt either!! :).

Now for a few ladies who may or may not have hit your radar screen....


For those of you living in a hole for the past few years Evangeline Lily plays Kate on the television series 'Lost'. A fellow Canadian she was born in Saskatchewan but was discovered in my hometown of Vancouver and I believe she may have starred in a phone line personals ad in that area before she found her big break. I love this girl, she has my absolute favourite combination of green eyes matched with dark hair and she also sports a cute sparkling of freckles around her nose. She is the perfect blend of sexy meets girl next door despite her popularity on 'Lost' we haven't really seen her in any blockbuster films, which is a shame if you ask me, as she appears to have a great range of acting ability.


Can I get a "what?, what?" from all my fellow 'Xena' dorks...oh yes that would be the Warrior princess I am speaking of here. For those of you who missed out on that pop culture gem Hudson played a character named Callisto , who was the only other woman warrior with skills that rivaled Xena's. Despite the fact she played an evil psychopath there was always something very hot about her perhaps it was all leather and the dominatrix style authority she commanded. Even though she has been low radar since then I still have her near the top of my list.


Tricia plays the number six model of Cylon on 'Battlestar Galactica' (wow my dork roots are truly showing here). She too is a fellow Canadian born and raised in Alberta and she also hosted a season of Canada's next top model. What can I say? she is a truly beautiful woman and she has made the transition from model to actor flawlessly. This woman is proof that Canadians really can act and so to all those "Pamela Anderson's" out there you should try to take a page from Tricia's book instead and stop making this country look bad!!.


Many may remember Shannyn from 'A knights tale' where she played 'Heath Ledgers' leading lady, I have yet to watch the series Moonlight, another Vampire/mortal love tale out there but you may know her as the character Coraline. This hot Hawaiian usually scores larger roles in smaller films or small roles in the big ones. Why do I like her? She has a great classy yet exotic look to her, shes not the typical bottled blond that Hollywood sharts out enmasse and I really hope she is able to land a few more big roles to keep me from the boredom of watching the same five or six women in every movie.


I discovered Zooey through a few films 'Elf', 'the happening' and the t.v series 'Tin Man'. While I think she is absolutely beautiful to look at I'm not going to blow bubbles up her a$$ about her acting abilities. I find in the few things I have seen her in she somehow manages to make the majority of her lines sound comical or just plain devoid of emotion. If she sticks to a career in comedy she will be hugely successful. If you get a chance to view the miniseries 'Tin Man' you should really look for the scene where she shouts "your out of your tiny minds"...not sure if it was meant to be, but it was hilarious and I say it around the house all the time.


I discovered miss Lizzy from the series 'True Blood'.While watching I wondered where I may have seen her before and a trip to IMDB found me an answer, she was the angsty teen from 'Mean Girls'. Needless to say where 'Lindsay Lohan' peaked and fell from grace a few years after 'Mean Girls', Lizzy has blossomed into a very attractive woman. Now that's one hot Jew!!!


Star of 'the Tudors' Natalie played Anne Boleyn King Henry's second wife. While I'm sure there is many a lady who may think Johnathan Rhys Meyers is the hottest person on the Tudors I have to disagree and say that Natalie takes that title. She has a very pixie like face with very Sharp features but rather than those features making her look hard they manage to make her look very mysterious.


Well its official we need to harvest the eggs and sperm of the senior Gyllenhaal's. With both Maggie and Jake turning out so good imagine the potential of laboratory created Gyllenhaals for future fact lets build our genetically created friends an island called Gyllenhaaltopia where beautiful people roam around on sandy beaches half naked......sorry got carried away in fantasy land. You get the picture though!


Liv is cold hard evidence that 'Stephen Tyler's' Philandering has the potential to create something more than a painful rash and a need for a penicillin shot. She has been a sex symbol since her debut in the 'Aerosmith' music video 'crazy' where she and 'Alicia Silverstone' both broke into Hollywood. Since then she has gone on to do many roles including the role that captured the heart of every dork both male and female as 'Arwen' the elven princess in 'Lord of the Rings'.


I think everyone and their dog fell in Love with Audrey as 'Amelie' a few years back, while she hasn't been seen in to many large rolls since then I am adding her to my list because I still love the look of this girl. I generally don't find brown eyes attractive but I do make the exception when they are huge and framed by great thick lashes!!. She manages to seem very young despite her age and has a fresh unique look about her.


While shes technically not a "Hollywood" girl I am going to throw her in here because she is one of my favourite fetish models. You can check her out on her site ''.


Mrs. Teese has brought back (the once thought lost) art of burlesque in today's bare all world. She is a glamorous and gorgeous fetish model and her unique sense of style really sets her apart as beautiful. Who doesn't love a good old fashioned pin-up?.


  1. i used to be all about the Angie, not so any more.
    Hooray for Scarlet, and i think that Number six is hella hot, as well as The chick from True Blood, and Amelie is just so gosh darned adorable, so adorable i can't even curse with her

  2. I do still like Angie alot (no denying shes beautiful) but my favourite gals are Shannyn Sossoman, Hudson Leick and Natalie Dormer....grrrrrr.

  3. Really... Maggie? You're the first person I've seen online to affix the word "hot" to her. I don't think she's terribly hot myself but you've gotten me to look at her in a different light and I'll admit - she does give good face.


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