Wednesday, November 19, 2008

October, November updates...

What has the world missed??? a few changes, We'll start with work and go from there.

The last month of work has been pretty good, the girl who had quit has come back to the bakery. We didn't really need the two of us working side by side everyday so I spoke to my boss and we rearranged my schedule so that I am able to have more time off. Every second week to be exact, It works out that I work one week on and have a week off for myself every two weeks. I'm loving it!!! By the time my week is done I'm ready and cheerful for the structure of another work week. One of our new girls quit but no one really seemed to mind as she had an attitude problem. We also lost one girl to Alberta and another to Scotland, I will miss those two and I hope their adventures are starting out good. We have hired one more girl after the others left and she is really friendly as well as a hard worker, its refreshing to see someone come along with some common sense and good work ethic, a few of the younger girls we have tried out have had one or two shifts and gone A.W.O.L.

I have been spending the extra time off trying a few new art pieces, I have completed my mermaid painting and am quite happy with it. I have also finished an owl painting for my bedroom in hues of oranges and browns. I have made a few throw cushions for my bed in the same color scheme. I have acquired a large bolt of chocolate corduroy fabric which I plan on sewing into a new duvet cover to tie the fall inspired colors of my room together. My creative drive has not left me yet which I'm thankful for!.

In the kitchen I have fallen in love with a new pie recipe I have developed for three pear pie, with baked Gruyere in the crust. I have modified it from an apple pie recipe adding a few tweaks here and there for flavour, the idea was inspired by Pushing Daisies. I am a huge fan of that show, I can say its the only program I watch religiously! If you haven't seen it yet I highly recommend it!. Last week I took my first stab at baking gluten free bread as a side enterprise to make some money. I made about 7 loaves which are now at the bakery awaiting their chance at being given away as samples in order to receive some feedback!!. So far two of loaves have made it out into the world. * fingers crossed they are a hit!!! if not back to the drawing board :). I myself tried one of the loaves and found it to be decent it had more of a tea biscuit flavour to it than a sandwich bread, but it should be good for breakfast with jam or butter!!. I also took a try at a dog cookie recipe and my pups loved it!!!, I made them peanut butter apple bombs, I think they knew these cookies were just for them as they sat in front the oven sniffing while they baked.

Speaking of my fur-babies it was Mushu's 2nd Birthday a few days ago! We are not sure what day Foxy's birthday is on as she was an adult when we got her, so they celebrated together. We took them into the local pet shop where they were man-handled by a few older ladies who just fell in love with them. They got a new squeak toy, soft food, some bones and pig ears!!. They loved it!! I also spent all day singing happy birthday to them...which they liked enough to dance around me when ever I started. I'm glad I had the day off with them, the weather was poor that day but we made up for it a few days earlier (memorial day) by taking a walk along the beach when we had sunshine.

Thanksgiving..... was quiet just the boyfriend and myself, we had stuffed tofurkey and roasted squash...not really a big hit with either of us, but one more step towards an animal free diet. It has been almost a year since I cut out farmed animals. I am still currently eating dairy and fish but hope to begin to limit my intake of these in the new year. Another step towards a healthier lifestyle is the addition of an exercise bike to our home!. I am looking forward to kick starting a new fitness schedule this month in the hopes of losing 20lbs. I have finally hit the age where my metabolism has slowed and I cant eat everything I want without consequences. I want to be sure to drop this extra weight before we start trying to have a baby so when I gain the extra weight I'm not going to be obese.

Halloween...also quiet, not alot of fun when you have no friends/ family around to party with, so it was another quiet night to add to our pile of disappointing holidays this year. Christmas prediction......crap. We will not be going home for the holidays and we have already bought and given each other our presents early. Not that I get to worked up for Christmas anyhow but I am getting pretty sick of the stagnant state of our social life. Its great to keep in contact with friends and family online but it would nice to be there with them for the good/bad times. I think maybe a move out west is in the foreseeable future I don't know how much longer I want to be in this state of isolation, Affordable or not. Needless to say Im home sick the question is which home do i miss the most Vancouver or Saskatoon? At this point they both look pretty good!.