Wednesday, November 26, 2008

boring few days...

Today's update, I'm bored!
bored, bored, bored!

I am not only bored but on a ridiculous sleep cycle that absolutely needs to be corrected by tomorrow or else I run the risk of a really crappy work week. I have been living the last few days like a bloody Vampire (no pun intended!), I have been sleeping all day and up from about 4:00p.m to 6:00a.m. I feel drained of energy and wonder if maybe I have mono or there is a gas leak in the house!!.

My fridge is apparently in worse condition than we thought and may take yet another week to repair, so meals have been fun to plan. Nothing that cant sit out in the frosty entryway (my temporary fridge) without running the risk of making us sick. I am still trying to eat up all of the thawed out goods before they spoil and I'm realising now I may have to concede a few culinary causalities. Other than that though my past few evenings have been for lack of a better word fairly stagnant. I haven't been out of bed early enough to go out anywhere that may still be open other than the video store to pick up some video game rentals with the boyfriend.

I have tried my hand at some watercolor painting and while it is not horrible I am less than pleased with my slow progress. I find myself wanting to break out the Acrylics and finish the job off that way. I think my real deterrent with watercolor is the wait time, I hate having to wait until the water is dried up to keep working. Watercolor is not an art form for the impatient I am learning, so I will either have to give it up or find my inner zen state to keep at it. I will for now give this trial run in watercolor a C-.

I received a package in the mail today!!! My Labyrinth Ludo plush and door knocker!! I didn't even have the energy to get out of bed when the postman was at the door, The boyfriend came back to the bedroom with my package and put it next to me in an effort to coax some enthusiasm. It was promptly kicked out of bed and forgotten for another hour of sleep. I think my game plan tonight will be to pull an all nighter and stay up until tomorrow night in an effort to be exhausted enough to have an early nights rest. I really feel like I have wasted a week of my life that could have been spent on worthier pursuits than vegging out on season one of 'True Blood' and playing "Fallout 3".

On the plus side my Christmas shopping is done!!! I just have to get everything together to be shipped out but that may have to wait until next week when I have some energy!