Saturday, November 22, 2008

Drama, Drama, Drama, and a movie to boot!!!!

So I will start this post by saying I'm not a girl who enjoys allot of drama!. I try to associate with men or like minded women. You know the rare breed easy going, not into the regular bullshit of creating gossip/drama and bitch attitudes, but there are some places in life where you cant control who your stuck in a room with all day.

I already posted about the sweet new schedule at work and how much I'm enjoying it, apparently someone is less than enthusiastic about it. Yesterday that certain coworker who quit and returned to work a few weeks later felt the need to attempt to corner me into changing it to accommodate her. Lets start the ball rolling here by saying that when I started this job a year ago my original schedule was pretty good, four days a week, Tuesday-Friday every weekend off. I volunteered to switch my shifts around so this person would have the weekends off because she was having issues with another co-worker. That said my continued kindness was slowly repaid with constant attitude which I have only so much patience for in the first place. I kept my mouth shut in an attempt to be civilised and professional at work, which I am now discovering is a lost cause because it takes more than one person to accomplish this.

But lets return to yesterday. She had waited until my boss had left for the day and we were both working alone in the back. She and I were having what I thought was a decent conversation when she had started to talk about thinking about career options. I had told her it may be a good idea to contact companies in the fields she was interested in to do some job shadowing on her days off before committing to classes to make her decision easier to narrow down. This turned the conversation to the schedule, she turned to me and said

"Well I hate this new schedule, I don't think its fair that you get the schedule your wanting and I get stuck with having to deal with it, I have been working here for almost nine years and no other work place would give you a schedule like that".

Now this girl is in her early twenties and this is the ONLY job she has ever had since having started here in high school, excluding her recent three week hiatus which she had quit to return back to the Bakery. What I wanted to tell her was, "You have never worked anywhere in the real world so don't try to tell me how a "normal schedule" works, second no other job would have an employee quit, fill their position with someone else, then hire them back and put them right back into the same position that was currently occupied". Apparently that type of personal favour is alright in her books as long as she benefits from it.

But I kept that to myself in my attempt at being the reasonable adult this situation was needing so I told her "Well your going to have to talk to the boss about this, its a scheduling issue and I don't really have any control over the situation".

Well she didn't like that to much she countered with " I already talked to them about it and they are just going to give you what you want, So I'm just asking YOU if you'll work every Sunday because that's the only day I want off".

I was polite and said " Well then I would never have a full weekend off, I get every second weekend off this way and I like it like that".

she got angrier and countered with the sarcasm "Well I hope your happy with it, I have been here for nine years and you've only been here for one so its not fair".

I looked at her calmly and smiled while I told her "I really do it like thanks"

She scowled at me and said " well good I'm glad your happy"

"I am and You know what?, when I first started here I changed my schedule around to be accommodating to you and I was only ever rewarded with attitude".

she started to protest that "no when you started here you worked the schedule they gave you"

I politely corrected her and told her " No, when I started here I was Tues-Fri, I took your weekends when you and 'so and so' were not getting along and in return you started to get snotty with me. If you don't like the new schedule I'm sorry but its your own fault, I didn't want to keep working with you because of your bad attitude and that is why we are now on opposite shifts for most of the work week. So now it boils down to you made your bed now you lay in it".

She wasn't to happy with that and started to tell me she was not giving me attitude, and I told her "you know I'm sure your not meaning it to come across as attitude but it does and I'm tired of it".

Personally I'm proud of myself because I kept it as professional as I could muster without turning it into a full on fight. She dropped the subject after that and we both behaved as if the conversation never happened. Lets hope it stays that way too. If she wants a fight, in the future the gloves come off and I'm sorry to say it but she has no idea how the bitch game is truly played, but if she wants to learn from a master I will be glad to teach her.

Now that just about covers the drama, time for a movie!!! Today I went to go see Twilight, the feminist in me hisses every time I admit I'm a pseudo fan, But the girly girl in me cant help but be drawn in. I even convinced the boyfriend to come with me under the pretense it was research... (I am hoping to start a teen fiction trilogy in the not to distant future, I have had the story idea with me for a few years now I'm just trying to figure out how best to reach my target audience). So gold star for the boyfriend he gets a cookie :)!!!.

We got to the theater about 45 minutes early hoping we had time to grab a ticket...sold out!!! not only sold out but every show except the last one was sold . So what did I do? I bought tickets to Zach and Miri make a porno to kill the two and some hours until showtime. Zach and Miri was pretty funny, classic Kevin Smith lovable characters with more offensive dialog than even myself. The one surprise in this film for me was Jason Mewes, now in every Kevin Smith film I have ever watched Jason Mewes is always one half of Jay and silent Bob.

I remember watching a Kevin Smith interview in which he was saying Jason was pretty much a man whore and the first thing that came to my mind was ewww really who would sleep with that?. Now I'm watching Zach and Miri and along comes this surprisingly cute, clean cut baby faced blonde and I'm thinking who is that? he looks so familiar? who does it turn out to be but our dear friend Jay!!! all cleaned up. I have to tell you not bad, the tattoos were also quite sexy. There was a whole world of cute potential I was blind to! that being said.....hes still kinda dirty, but in the hes sexy but wear a rubber kind of way-rather than the gross kind you wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole.

Now about half an hour into the movie I go out for a washroom break and to my horror a line has already started, I can only assume for Twilight by the 12 years and up demographic. I almost get trampled by a pack of giggling, shrieking Tweens on my way out of the washroom, I go back in to the movie and let the boyfriend know of the impending gong show!. By the time our movie is finished there is still nearly an hour until our next show starts, we walk out of the theater and there is a line of about 150 tween-teenage girls awaiting their Vampire romance fix!. I laugh internally at the boyfriend who for a split second looked like a trapped animal ready to gnaw his leg off and run and proceeded to find our place in line. Luckily we had the tickets for another less volatile line which we decided to get in while the getting was good.

So many young girls all screeching and laughing, While normally I have a zero tolerance policy on teen girls I was in a good mood tonight and they didn't bother me. It was cute to watch their excitement and remember when my friends and I were at the age where we could be dropped off at the theater together and pretend to be all grown up. So many girls wearing t-shirts reading 'I "heart" Edward Cullen', or 'Twilight' and even a few homemade t-shirts decorated with fabric paint proclaiming their teen love of this fictional character. I watched it all in good humour and let the memories of days long since past flood my mind, Over all it was a good night, a decent movie, no classic but not bad for the demographic its trying to reach. The one downside...I'm starting to realise I may be getting to old for some things, I'm still watching teen flicks while the real world is moving on without me. I know its only a matter of time before I'm forced to grow up and that really does make me sad.