Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Craptastic days can have silver linings as well.

Yesterday I had planned to have the girls from work over for a brunch to say thanks for all the nice things they did for me and the baby, everyone said that Monday worked for them, so I cleaned up the house and made a crap load of food. Monday morning comes and most of the girls have to cancel for one reason or another. It could have been a crappy day if I let it but I didn't. My friend Emily did show up, and I haven't seen her in about two years because she was in Europe. I was able to catch up with her for a few hours which was nice and that evening I was also able to watch True Blood. All the leftover food worked out good for dinner and even lunch for today. Instead of being upset I'm going to see all the positive points, The house will now only need a quick upkeep clean this weekend before Chris's Mom arrives to visit. I learned how to make really yummy cucumber sandwiches~something I have never tried making before, I was finally able to use my three tier serving platter which I have had for two years. I learned that I could still pull off being a great hostess with a baby in tow.

All my positive energy and outlook was there, When Chris came home he looked sad and turned to me and said, I'm sorry today didn't work out as planned. I just looked at him and said "don't pity me!", I'm getting used to life throwing those curve balls into all of my plans. The best way to cope I'm finding is to see your plans like a river, they are always there but they move and change from moment to moment, you need to learn how to paddle through the placid waters but be prepared to rough the rapids. I guess the baby's Zen like calm is rubbing off on me. I will try again to have my get together maybe just meet up with smaller groups at a time, that way its easier for people to juggle their schedules.


  1. wow! looks like an amazing spread! their loss!

  2. love that.
    congratulations by the way!! boy or girl? when did you have the baby?


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