Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Awesome person of the week!.

Last week Chris and I were waiting in the car at the Sobey's parking lot for my Mom and Dad. The Sobey's has a liquor store attached to it and we were parked closer to the liquor store entrance than the grocery entrance. A few minutes after my parents had gone into the grocery store we hear someones car coming from behind with their stereo system blasting out their tunes. A mini van comes into view speeding up to the liquor store, the song polluting the ears of all those unlucky enough to be near the parking lot happens to be "the Macarena".

The Macarena

Chris and I look at each other and I say " WOW, I have got to see who steps out of the van", Chris laughs apparently he was thinking the same thing. The door pops open and some 40 year old frumpy Mom comes out and dashes into the liquor store. What would possess her to be playing that song so loud, she wouldn't have even been in her prime influential years when that song came out. We collectively decided the only people more pitiful than this woman clinging to the love of her 1995-1996 one hit wonder 'the Macarena' are all those poor schmucks who lost their virginity to that song!. ouch!

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