Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Barack Obama

So I have yet to jump on the "woot, woot" Barack Obama train. I am so glad that in my lifetime I am able to see a black president!. It speaks volumes on how society is slowly making positive changes. But I refuse to treat him like an American messiah come to save the world from economic turmoil etc. etc.

He may not be Bush but lets give him a chance to really earn our trust and respect through his actions rather than his campaign speeches because lets face it a politician's word is meaningless its his/her actions that are the true test of character.

Anyhow, as I was saying I am pretty much indifferent to the whole Barack Obama thing which makes last nights dream very strange. I had a dream that Barack Obama was my long lost father and he was really excited to give me away at my wedding. I woke up and started to laugh.....bizarre...Im not even sure on what subconscious level my mind thought that was something to bring up...hahahaha


  1. hey, thats not funny!

    Obama really IS my long lost father!

  2. Reminds me of a funny Alex Ross-ish painting of Barack I saw online where he was opening up his suit jacket all superman-like to reveal a giant "O" underneath.

  3. Fourleaf clover- Google Barrack Obama victory unicorn if you want to see my favourit painting of him so far.

    Slyde- lucky you!! I would take Barrack as a dad over the genetic cesspool I was cursed with.


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