Thursday, January 22, 2009

This is madness......THIS IS WINTER!!!!! (sparta style)

So I apologise for the lack of posting has been slow and mainly uneventful. I have been itching to create something, but what to create? I am having trouble committing to an idea. So I have been finishing up odds and ends of other projects left in various states of completion all over the house.

I have decided recently the plan is to watch shows I have been meaning to give a try, so marathon runs of full seasons have been my recent hobby. I have managed to get through the first four seasons of 'The Office' and the first few episodes of season five... in two days...woot. Sad for my social life but I have to say it is now one of my favourite shows. I also managed to get through the first seasons of 'Weeds','Moonlight' and halfway through season one of '24'. All this within the last two and half weeks......have I mentioned how much I hate winter?.

I have been going slowly crazy in the closed quarters of a messy basement suite, I normally enjoy taking the dogs for walks but it is too cold for both me and the dogs now. Last winter we were in the upstairs suite with a better amount of natural light and space so I don't remember feeling so confined but this year I'm slowly ticking away the days until the warmth returns to the outside world. Each time I step out from the dark basement I feel like a Morlock or Vampire shielding my eyes from the sun as it burns my retina. I am also really missing my bathtub, nothing is better than a nice hot soak on a cold night and all I have is a crappy stand alone shower that forces me to perform Cirque Du Soleil style acrobatics if I want to shave my legs....not pleasant.

Last night I trimmed my bangs and decided to cut a strip of my hair free to add to my style, that strip of hair became my new source of entertainment for the night(fully illustrating the depths of boredom I have been experiencing). I waited for the boyfriend to get on the phone and pasted it to my head creating a pretty convincing uni brow to distract his phone call...success. Later that night I decided the best plan would be to turn my 'girl part' into a fun joke, I shaved myself smooth and gave my 'bits' a moustache with the hair strip, I then proceeded to tape down some eyes and angry eyebrows and flash the boyfriend I laughed so hard I almost started to cry..... Apparently I found this more entertaining than he did......maybe its time to plan an evening out.....

On top of that I cant help but have Gowan's "Moonlight desires" stuck in my head, therefore I have been playing it on repeat in an attempt to get it out.. ultimately driving the boyfriend slowly mad as well. That has been a boring and delightfully inappropriate update from me this week, lets hope my next update is chalk full of something entertaining.


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