Monday, June 29, 2009

Sloth Sunday! BANNED edition!!!

You may notice my banner has been completed!! Thanks to Chris for the hours of tweaking, unfortunately I cant post the high res version which is even nicer than this one. I love it all the same though!!!. Huzzah ~ Giddy time!!! For those wondering whats going on in the image...Well I am luring my puppies and evil winged monkey with delicious baked goods to a world with unicorns on the back of the illusive space Hippocamp~ Duh!!!!(BTW I realise Duh is so 1996 but it amused me to use it).

My week in a nutshell~ oversaw the bakery while my boss was out of town and it was a success!!. Looked at a sweet fixer upper house with Chris and have fallen in love with were trying to figure out the ins and outs of our finances and the mortgage game. Took a walk tonight with the puppies and we bumped into a fox with a dead critter in his jaws, we both looked at each other then walked along our separate ways. I have successfully paid off my capital one and I am selling my first ooak custom Hippocamp ornament on ebay.

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