Thursday, June 11, 2009


So now one third of June is over and what is going on in my life??. Not too much.... I may have to cancel plans for the KISS concert as our stupid car failed to pass its inspection. It is going to cost us about $1000.00 to get it up to provincial standards and frankly, its not worth it. I'm not going to invest that much money on a car that's only worth $700.00 at best, when were ready to sell it. We'll hopefully be in a better financial place by this Christmas and ready to invest in a newer vehicle.

So I'm kicking up green living a notch and walking to the grocery store, I found myself a sweet granny cart at superstore and I plan on getting my $20.00 out of it. I have lost 5 lbs and they have stayed off, its allot easier not to over eat when your not in hibernation mode. Not to mention, its fresh fruit season!!! I will take some sliced watermelon over poutine (my winter crack) any day of the week. And bonus- fast food is no longer convenient when you have to travel 20 minutes to get it then walk home!!! yippee forced healthy lifestyle!!!

I wish I could say my over spending habits are benefiting greatly from the inconvenience of having to travel by foot to shop but.....I'm an online shopper anyhow!!. It appears everything I have ever dreamed of owning is becoming available now- when I need to be saving for my trip. Sometimes I manage to resist...sometimes not so much!.

One of my recent purchases was a set of two new bathing suits (one black and one leopard print). I have not bought myself a new swimsuit since I started dating Chris,I don't really go swimming all to often so my swimsuits generally get pulled out only a handful of times each summer. Not to mention I'm a little bit heavier now than I was when we first got together, so its hard to get pumped picking out a swimsuit or even lingerie when your little belly pooch insists on poking out like you swallowed a whole Cornish hen. So when I saw these awesome 50's pin-up style swimsuits on Ebay I was pumped!!! A swimsuit that made curvier gals than me look smoking!!-booyah!!! Plus I'm totally rocking the sweet Betty Paige bangs so it seemed to be destiny.

Work is going really good! I invented a new cake for our bakery, its a double layer chocolate cake with custard in the middle, covered in cherry icing and decorated with a fudge spider web and chocolate shavings on the side. Its the only pink cake in the bakery and its selling pretty good, we sold 4 in its first week!!!. I called it "Black Rose". To finish off a good work week I also got a nice card from my Boss's saying thanks for all the hard work :). It made my week! I'm glad they think I'm doing a good job, I'm really trying to get the job done and keep things fun for all the girls as well. I am having allot of fun at work these days and I decided I really like my job, it was never the bakery that was stressful just a handful of people in it and they have moved on. I have been going in a few extra days to try to train/ interview a new girl-so far not too bad but not great, were hoping to find a girl with a real self motivated attitude. I'm back to trying a new one again tomorrow- wish me luck!!!.

oh yeah- the guys at work have had me nicknamed "Chuckie" for a few months now because of my violent, profane and often hilarious threats (think SNL Barry Gibbs) when they start to try to heckle me. Chuckie? you ask-yes Chuckie the evil doll from Child's Play-that's me. So when someone wants me for something, I usually hear "hey Chuckie, Chuck, or Chuckles". Last week I decided to tell them my plans on making a new work t-shirt that reads "DON'T F*CK WITH THE CHUCK!!" they thought that was awesome and now when they start up I throw out my new catch phrase and we have a good laugh!.

Chris has a new mini contract starting this week 'Pillars of Freedom' (fingers crossed)it is ten weeks that will overlap his Raspberry Jazz berry Jam contract so that's good!!. One of our friends is in town for the same contract from Halifax and we hadn't seen him or his girlfriend for about a year. We went out for drinks/dinner and to watch the hockey games twice last week and it was allot of fun. I really missed having a social group around, I'm hoping the four of us can get together a few more times this summer and catch up. His girlfriend loves fairies as much as I do so I can finally talk my head off about them to someone who WANTS to listen not just people who humor me!!!.

Hopefully this or next week I will be able to unveil my new "BLOG BANNER" I commissioned from Chris, he finally let me see the uncolored version -its kick ass!!. Anyone have any tips on how big a banner should be dimension wise??? I have no clue. html and I are only acquaintances not good buddies. I have received many great letters and post cards from a bunch of people :) and that makes me happy-don't worry folks I will be sending out more soon, once I'm back to my 3 days off again instead of two. Between trying to keep the house clean, the dogs happy and myself rested I have little time for hobbies or quality (letters lovingly hand written with personalised doodled envelopes) correspondence. But never fear there will be more -VIVA LA REVOLUTION!!!.

Last update- I will be 26 years old in three days time, I feel old. Life isnt what I thought it would be at this age, but if I look back at the last 5 years I never would have predicted the five years of traveling acrossed this country and living in three different provinces. I always hoped but never really believed my mom would move on and find someone who treats her the way she deserves to be treated, now Im going to her wedding in two months. My little sister moved away to begin her own life in small town B.C in the span of one year. I never would have met all the fabulous people I have been blessed to know, or picked up the skills and opinions I have gathered in my travels, I wouldnt be the me that I am today given all these life experiences. Im not going to regret not being where I imagined I would be...hell at 14 I dreamed I would be living in a pink fun-fur hello kitty themed trailer. Life changes, people change, dreams change and all we can really do is try to hold on for the ride. Im just glad I have quality people to ride with, my health and my memories and everyday I wake up I have the future to look forward to.


  1. Happy birthday, belated!! did you get my postcard!?


    that swimsuit looks smokin!
    can't wait to see the banner!

  2. Thanks! your birthday wishes are actually just in the nick of time :) Today is my Birthday:). I have not received your postcard yet But Im going to be watching my mailbox with anticipation this week now :).

  3. Oh, your birthday was 10 days ago. Oh well, as it happens, it's my birthday today. I am now the decrepit old age of 35. So, a belated happy birthday to you and an apt happy birthday to me.

    I'm going to be working on that Pillars of Freedom as well. Hopefully that will start soon.


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