Saturday, June 27, 2009


Accident Prone! That would be an under statement for the last few weeks. Last week Chris and I were moving our mattress/box spring to the floor to make it easier for the dogs to get up and down from our bed when I managed to get the box spring (mattress weighing on top)to come crashing down on my fingers. I still have a black spot under the nail of my middle finger from the blood burst it caused. This week I tripped twice, two separate occasions and landed on my hands and knees while walking along the street. My palms on both hands have the scabs from gravel cuts. I have six other cuts and gashes on my hands from various paper and knife cuts, including a nasty slice from the side of a tin can. Today I dropped a 40 lb bucket of icing on my ankle which is now swollen the size of a grape fruit and quite painful, and tonight I burned my two index fingers on the pizza pan at dinner time.

I look like a battered spouse covered in cuts and bruises as I limp along my merry way. People are noting my injuries and asking how they could occur and when I give them my lame replies (I tripped) I can see their minds formulating far more sinister ideas about how they occurred. The only theory I have about this damage is Karma!!!. I'm sure this is just a continued slap on the wrists for all the nasty things I'm prone to saying and any negativity I release in the universe...well karma...I got the message loud and clear. Enough is a Enough!!!!

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