Sunday, May 17, 2009

Two weeks in review. too much action and drama!!!!

Two weeks of too much excitement to share and no energy left to share it with.... where to begin???? how about here?

May 1st: I was at work digging through boxes of cakes in the freezer at the end of the night, when from behind me I felt a pinch on my bottom. I turned myself around with murder in my heart for the poor fool who thought I was the type of girl to stand by and be even mildly sexually harassed in the workplace. My rage turned to surprise and then joy as my "attacker" turned out to be none other than my boyfriend and with him a surprise bouquet of daisies and an invite to a date.

The card in my bouquet read "your stuck with me!, I want to go out on a date with you 2-nite, 4 real, 6 o clock". This surprise couldnt have come at a better time as I had just dealt with not one but two asshole customers in a row about an hour earlier. (the first a woman who I went above and beyond for to make her a slab birthday cake last minute...despite our policy of having to order at least a day ahead of time- I was given additude and not even a thank you from her. The second a woman with one arm, I had carefully packaged her cake purchase for travel given her special needs and she looks at me and proceeds to tell me if she drops her cake she will blame me for it. Ironically she did drop her cake in the parking lot and I guess she was to embarassed to come back in to complain...hey lady why not blame what ever ripped your arm off instead of innocent people trying to help you >:( )

Anyhow Chris ran home and grabbed me a change of clothes so we could leave right from work and catch the early show of 'Wolverine' opening night for my surprise date. May sound like a strange date movie to you but trust me if given the choice between this and some chick flick I would choose Wolverine every time!!!! :). We went and the theater was packed but we had fun, overall I enjoyed the movie it had a few things that bothered me SPOILER ALERT IN BRACKETS!!! (the slow walk away from an explosion all bad ass style, the lighting/c.g on wolverines claws in a few scenes were crap, the two deaths his girlfriend has in this movie-after the first time no one cared anymore, Dead pool's crazy amount of powers, Gambits random and pointless fight scene with Wolverine) SPOILER AVERTED but I gave up expecting to much from these comic book movies a few years ago and ever since I have let my standards fall I can enjoy them a bit more.

Chris the puppies and I went to Inverness beach for the first time and had fun hiking up Blackets Lake mountain trail for a picnic lunch. I went to Value Village with one of the girls from work (J-Ho) a few times as we both love bargain shopping it was fun to spend a bit more time with her before she moved. The 9th of May was a charity pub crawl for breast cancer, two of my co-workers and I went to. I spent all night with J-ho and we both decided it wasn't really our thing so we bailed a bit early. Its strange how only a few short years ago I would have been all over a pub crawl but now I just feel to old to be doing the "wild and crazy" thing. I guess I am just a house/dinner party or quite pub kind of girl now.... Man do I feel old some days! it sucks, I'm fine with dying just not getting wrinkled and smelling of mothballs...sigh!!.

I'm glad I didn't overindulge at the pub crawl on Saturday night, when I came into work Sunday morning one of the girls asked me to put the cash in the registers. I was a bit baffled as there is another supervisor in on the mornings that usually does this an hour before my shift starts. I looked at her and asked where is "Coco" she just stared at me with an uncomfortable look on her face and shrugged. I filled the tills and went out back and asked one of the guys "So did I miss anything exciting this morning?". He turned to me and said "oh yeah you just missed it, Coco was in a bad mood and freaking out over cake orders, "Our boss" told her to calm down and she got angrier. He told her she needed to stop coming to work in such a bad mood as it ruins everyone Else's day and if she didn't want to be here doing this job she should she quit on the spot".

This left me to finish up the days cakes, then doing both her job and mine for the rest of the day in the back of the bakery. This is the same girl who quit once before and has a history of drama and emotional issues at work. Our boss says he doesn't want her back but his wife feels sorry for her and is pushing him to give her yet another chance. I really hope she doesn't come back though, I like her as a person but she doesn't like her job and she makes sure no one else at work likes being there either when shes working. She should go and find something that makes her happy in life and let the rest of us do our jobs in peace.

So I am now the only supervisor......again, I'm fine with that though as long as you do your best each day, have a good staff and good attitude everything works out fine.

Is that all your big drama? you find yourself asking???? don't worry dear reader I wont leave you with something as petty as an episode of the Hills with a Title like this!!!

I have my few days off and come in on Thursday morning and again ask "So what did I miss on my days off?"

"Well yesterday the police showed up here looking for one of the employees" was my answer.

"what happened?".

"no one knows for sure but "GUY" wont be here today because hes in jail. Now no one at work likes "GUY" he is a smarmy weasel, not the type of person to shock you with an arrest. All I had to say was "I hope he didn't do anything to his kids", who are sweet and come into the bakery every once in awhile.

The following day we find out "GUY" is being charged with sexually assaulting a minor and he gets bail, that evening he gets picked up again for nine other charges. Even if he doesn't get jail time he will never be welcomed back to the bakery again. So sick, we were all horrified and disgusted. I fought the urge to throw up all day at work when I found out. Small town or not monsters are everywhere, just remember to follow your gut and if someone "feels" like a creep keep your distance and trust that feeling. I know in almost two years of working there I kept a good distance from that bastard because he was just a vile, twisted person and I'm glad my gut instincts proved to be spot on. I will continue to trust my gut from here on out.

Now we catch up to this weekend. I was left to take care of the Bakery this weekend while my boss and his wife left town. Despite how busy things were we only had one customer issue and it was an honest mistake made by the new girl on her third day so its something we can understand and deal with. I really hope that I was able to prove to my boss and his wife that things can still run smoothly without "Coco", and help take some of the stress of the past few weeks off their shoulders.

Last but not least... I was able to get a Windstone editions, retired 'Gothic unicorn' statue in mint condition on Ebay as an early birthday present.
I have wanted this statue for almost a decade but my timing was never right to get one. This year I add another "holy grail" to my collection!!!. I'm so excited I hope it makes its journey to me safely.

So that concludes my two weeks of action, adventure and drama!!!thanks for reading!!!


  1. San and I saw a bit of that movie about a week ago. One of the speakers cut out part way through the movie so we got our money back.

    Meh, I personally wasn't too impressed with what I saw. The story seemed to be one cliche after another. But, Hugh Jackman is a good fine actor.

  2. Crap on a stick... methinks you work at the Melrose Place of bakery-land.

  3. Thank you for your letter! I LOVE getting real mail.
    I hope you are still laughing at work :)

    p.s. I'll send you a sunny something from Saskatoon where I will soon be.
    p.s.s. Your posts make me laugh.


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