Monday, May 25, 2009

Into the Labyrinth

So I have decided to rewrite Jim Hensons "Labyrinth". I will keep most of the initial plotline the same but my rewrite will have Me as the lead trying to free Mushu from the Goblin King. I will of course edit out any puppy throwing in the remake.....Throwing plastic babies=funny, throwing tiny doggies= not cool!!!.

I will also have to add a few steamy scenes where the ever so sexy Jareth and I fall prey to our temptations of the flesh (wow you can tell I have read a romance novel or two in my day:).

I have even taken the liberty of supplying my readers with a few publicity shots for my new film!!!!

HAHA ahhhhh its amazing what little doggies will endure for "beggin strips"! Its also kind of sad this is where my mind takes me when my new OFFICIAL BRIAN FROUD GOBLIN PLUSH DOLLS arrive......good thing Chris wasnt home to stop me!!!!.


  1. Uhm... HOLY BUCKET OF CUTENESS, those pictures are delicious! i could eat little Mushu with a spoon!!

    and i can't wait to read your take on the Henson Classic.

  2. HA! That is a cute pic. I'm sure your rewrite will be good, but you are messing with a classic so...


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