Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A few beach pictures....

So I had mentioned earlier we had gone to a beach we had not been to before. I had completely forgotten to mention that we also went to a second new beach (not Inverness). This beach was located between 'Loisbourg' and 'Main-a-Dieu', it was beautiful but savage at the same time. I'm assuming due to the powerful winds tree growth is stunted in this region, a lone defiant tree stood among the red-brown underbrush that covered most of the land. The beach revealed three half-seal carcasses each with their head and upper bodies missing, I'm not sure if this was due to sharks and whales or perhaps boat propellers or fisherman's clubs when they were hauled on board with the nets of fish.

As we walked along a narrow grass pathway between the beach and a still water lake I had flashes of deja-vu, this narrow pathway looks just like a beach I had dreamed about many times before. It left me with an eerie feeling, as I don't recall those dreams being particularly pleasant. (this picture is only a view of the still lake water if I get to go back I will photograph how narrow the path was between the beach and the lake)

The pathway was littered with broken aging lobster traps that had been washed ashore, adding to the "Maritime" feel. It makes me laugh some days how much of the stereotypical maritime culture is not hyped up at all, Main-a-dieu (a town so small you could blink and miss it) would make a perfect "wish you were here" fishing town postcard. It seems so surreal some days having grown up in a larger urban area to see people living in tiny coastal towns with 100 or less citizens, almost like stepping in a time machine into an era long since past.

The further along the coast we walked the more dead bird corpses would litter our path in various stages of decay adding again to the creepy feel of the beach. Birds were not the only ones to leave proof of their existence on the rocky shore, hollowed out sea anemones and large sea snail shells were cast haphazardly among the rocks. Along with pieces of white broken coral that had washed ashore in the violent unrelenting waves.

Once we had reached the tip of the shoreline we sat down for lunch and watched the waves crash amongst the rocks. The roar of the wind and the ocean was nearly deafening, my little three pound Pomeranian 'Foxy' was terrified and decided she was going to run back (45 minutes) to the car solo.

Unfortunately shes not the brightest bulb in the room and had no idea how to retrace her steps along the path, so she just started running off in the underbrush on her own. I had to go chase her down and finally stick her in my coat to avoid another escape attempt....I'm not sure what ate all those birds out there? but I didn't want her to be next on the menu.

From the point we could see a large rock (small island) not to far out in the water which seemed to be home to hundreds of birds flying about its cliff face, I had wanted to get closer to them and see if perhaps they had been nesting on the rocks. I was also secretly hoping to get a view of some live seals or even an illusive puffin (which I have yet to see out here) the further we went along.

Chris had told me he read somewhere that there was a sunken ship visible from the coast a bit further along but with the dogs getting grumpy and the daylight fading we decided to turn back and make our way back to the car. I'm hoping we may be able to return san-puppies and take our time exploring and taking more pictures. I have no doubt that beach has a few good adventures left in it before it gets to be boring.


  1. everything looks so beautiful... The Maritimes are definatley on my list of places to go... its unfortunate, though, that it costs less to go to Mexico than it does to fly across our own country.

  2. Gorgeous pictures Michelle! I've often regretted that we never travelled east when we lived in Ontario. Long way to go from here. But the coastline looks so eerie.....Heathcliff and Cathy.....


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