Saturday, August 16, 2008

why a blog???? why now???

Some of you may be asking yourselves... why a blog? what have you got to say that's worth hearing???.

The answer is this I'm not sure if anything I have to say will ever be worth hearing but I was inspired by a book I recently read to start to document my life in some form or another. Then I thought, whats the point of writing something no one will ever read? so now its online and maybe someone will happen upon it and find something of interest to take away from this.

To start the book that inspired me to try to chronicle my life or opinions was called "A Woman in Berlin" author: anonymous. This book is a diary of a woman living in Berlin during the fall of the Hitler regime as the Russian troops began occupation, It was an incredible read. She gives the reader details into the daily life in Berlin as the change of power takes place she records daily life from ration portions to the raping of herself and many other women. It highlights her own survival and thought process as these things are happening as well as her observations of how the people around her are managing to survive.

I hope there never comes a day when my Blog has so much horror or significance as this piece of work but it really makes you think how the written word can in a way immortalise a person. Had she never put pen to paper some of the more gruesome details of daily life for a woman living in war times may not be fully known, she has frozen a time period on paper for all to re experience this horrific time for themselves. Its a great book that really captures human nature at both its finest and its worst and I would highly recommend this book to anyone.