Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ratatouille ruined my life.....

A movie about lovable huggable rats.....yeeuck! But I watched this movie when it first came out on dvd. No harm no foul it was a decent Pixar movie where I made the mistake was deciding to watch the bonus features, namely the the featurette "your friend the rat". This little short goes into details about the brown rats history etc., Anyhow somewhere in this film they let me know rats have been known to come up through toilets. Needless to say for about a month or two the toilet was a feature of concern for me, but as time passed the concern went away completely forgotten.

Fast forward to 2010 almost 3 years later and I have moved to a home of my own in a nice quiet neighbourhood, only a five minute walk from schools and the park. Now it has happened on not one, not two but three occasions while walking by the little canal bordering the park I have seen Muskrats! that's right MUSKRATS! Have I mentioned how close I live to the park???

Anyhow the Muskrat sightings mixed with the information gleaned from Ratatouille has turned into a full on phobia of a rat coming up through my toilet. I can no longer sit on my toilet without watching it to make sure air bubbles aren't coming up through the drain. This past week it has even become a fixation I cant seem to shake from my head, a paranoia even though I haven't seen a Muskrat since March or April. I'm not entirely sure how to combat this fear, I have seriously considered just doing my business in a bucket and flushing it down after to avoid a sneak attack.

Hopefully it will pass but as it stands I spend the minimum amount of time I have to on the commode, how will I be able to help the baby potty train with no fear of the toilet if I dread its use every day????.


  1. You have too many cats in your neighborhood to worry about muskrats, rats or mice to come into the house - stop worrying so much. The puppies would let you know if there was something to be concerned about - they would go wild.

  2. In all my years being a plumber, (34 years) i have never seen or heard of a rat or muskrat coming up through a toilet. You have nothing to worry about.


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