Thursday, July 15, 2010

Pure Imagination

I have started watching America's got talent a couple of weeks ago and I can't help but feel inspired by the contestants to find a hobby in life. So many people both the good and the bad feel so much passion for whatever it is they are doing whether it be singing, dancing or something a bit more extreme. A particular guest on the show is just fabulous! he has created a character for himself that really seems to make him happy,Prince Poppycock, it got me thinking....

Some people are so flamboyant and eccentric it makes me wonder sometimes what the world would be like if we all let out our inner oddities rather than try so hard to fit the imaginary mold of normal. What if we said what we meant?, and did what made us happy regardless of talent level or other peoples perceptions?. I turned 27 this year, a good year for getting to know your real self. Once you hit your late 20's early 30's I think its safe to say if you have any ability to internally reflect, you know who you are. The challenge now is to motivate yourself to do those things you didn't have the confidence to do in your earlier years. I'm not sure where this inspiration might lead but I am hoping it will take me somewhere exciting, while on my mat leave I need to find a way to have me time to make my own brand of magic to share with the world.

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