Thursday, April 22, 2010

Pink is my favourite color...take it away Steven Tyler!!!

Today I saw the cutest dishware at a local kitchen boutique, the name brand, Emile Henry the color palate, 'Litchi'. Maybe its all the baby (girl) stuff we have been gathering or perhaps impending motherhood is reawakening my feminine side but I am finding a new or perhaps even renewed love of pink. This is the dishware/ cookware that has me dreaming of the life of a domestic goddess. It has me daydreaming of getting myself a cute little pink and green theme going in my kitchen, then the cute little 1950's style apron pops to mind. Then a buffet of home made sweets littered on a kitchen table for hungry and awe inspired guests...then I open my eyes and see the chaos of the house and watch my pink bubble burst into a thousand pieces and burn to ash on my filthy floors.

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