Monday, March 1, 2010


Excitement, excitement, excitement!!!. The date was February 23rd, the time between 7:00-10:00pm the event......My proposal!!!!. Chris and I had spent our morning driving up to Halifax to do our Ucbaby to see our baby in 3D!!!. I even did a few hours of the driving, which is the first time I have driven the Pt cruiser and the first bit of real driving I have done in oh......three years. When we got to Halifax we dropped the puppies off at doggie daycare, which made me feel pretty guilty as poor Mushu seemed to absolutely hate it!!!. The saddest part was watching a big golden retriever come to sniff her bum and Mushu looking up at me like the inmate who had just dropped the soap during group shower.

We went up to the Ucbaby and did our ultrasound where we discovered we are having a baby girl!!! We also discovered that despite the limited space a fetus has in the womb they are still able to find good ways of hiding. The coolest part of our ultrasound was that my Mom and Chris's grandma could watch it from the other side of the country. The next coolest thing.....they record your babies heartbeat and stick it into a teddy bear for you!!!.

After the excitement of our ultrasound we picked up two very relieved puppies and went to our pet friendly hotel, where they give your pets a stuffed toy and some doggie treats upon check in. We got ourselves settled at the hotel and cuddled up on the bed looking at the few print out pictures of the baby along with listening to the recorded heartbeat. Chris and I were pretty happy and were talking about how perfect life seems to be going right now and how much we love each other. Chris then gets out of bed and runs to his laptop bag, he comes back and gets down on one knee and proceeds to tell me how much he loves me and how he is always going to love me, then he pulls out a ring box. He opens it and asks if I recognize the ring.....which I do as it was the ring I showed him over a year ago when we browsing the jewelery stores together. He then asks me to marry him where I of course said yes!!! fact I may have even blurted the phrase "me love you long time!!".

Chris then began to tell me the epic saga of what had taken him so long to propose. The first time he had planned the whole thing out in his head and was going to do it at the end of a mountain hike we both really liked taking at Blackets lake. The day he planned to do it, I refused to go for a hike. The next few times he made plans to do it was the same story, he would invite me somewhere and I wasn't in the mood to go. Then was our trip to Vancouver and he was afraid he would lose the ring so he changed his mind on that idea. Then only days after we got back from Vancouver I discovered I was pregnant and he didn't want me to think he was proposing just because I was pregnant so he delayed it again. The next time he decided he wanted to try to propose was when we got our keys to the house, but the house had some leaking and electrical problems so the mood was ruined. The time after that was when we spent our first night at the new house.....but then the mattress wouldn't fit upstairs so that once again ruined the mood. Needless to say poor Chris kept waiting for the perfect moment then he realised.....the perfect moment may never come but the day in Halifax went so well that he decided it was a pretty good time to pop the question!!!.

So the 23rd of February was an awesome day, I got to see my baby and got engaged! Best day ever!!. Now in a few weeks on March 21st Chris and I can celebrate our 6 year anniversary as an engaged couple!!!. Life is funny seems like it wasn't that long ago I was complaining that nothing was going on, then within the course of a few months I got a car, got pregnant, went on a holiday to visit family and friends, bought a house and then got engaged. I'm pretty happy!! I'm finding it allot harder to be in funky mood these days, I have great friends and family, I'm building my own nuclear family in fast order. I'm so lucky to have found the greatest guy in the world and despite all the time we have been together instead of growing distant or tired of each other we are becoming closer everyday and I only seem to love him more. I'm having a sweet baby girl~ which has always been my preference! I have two of the cutest most well behaved puppies in the world, I have great is pretty good. I'm feeling pretty lucky these days!!.


  1. Congratulations Michelle!!
    You sound so happy and that makes me smile.
    I received your card in the mail and forgot to say thanks.....THANKS :) Hope it's not too late.
    Take care and stay happy.
    Peace and love xo

    p.s. I love your header! It's very you......speaking of where do you post your header photos? I was using geocities but they shut down. I know you had to post them online before you could use them in html formatting.......Any advice?

  2. honestly I dont remember where I posted it...I thought maybe photobucket...but it doesnt appear to be there in my gallery????. I'll ask Chris if he remembers, Im sure he figured it all out for me, my computer saavy is only at beginner level. Thanks for the congrats!!!! :).

  3. YAY!!! that's so awesome and amazing and what a great moment!! thanks for sharing it with us too, btw. Well done G!! EXCITED!!!!

  4. Con-grab-you-lations. I envy you both (but especially you Michelle, I thought I would end up marrying Garson. Oh well, I'm too tall for him anyway).
    When's the wedding date?


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