Tuesday, February 9, 2010

reconnected at last.....

So where have I been the last few weeks? The end of January sort of snuck up on us and we realised we still had allot of stuff to remove from the old house as well as get it all cleaned out so the people upstairs could view it and get it rented. So after work in the evenings and on my days off Chris and I went back to the old house to load up our goods and begin to clean it up. You never really realise how much stuff you own until you try to relocate it. Chris and I still couldn't fit our mattress up the small stairwell so we had it all set up in the dining room until we had the time to solve that problem. As of this past Saturday we are finally moved in our bedroom. It only took Chris ripping every single stair tread off the staircase and hauling the mattress and box spring up the stairs single handed while I was at work. When I got home that evening he still had to replace a few stair treads that had cracked when he pulled them, so while I took a nap he began to rebuild our stairwell.

About an hour into my nap I hear Chris yell "MICHELLE, I need your help". Startled, I jump up off the couch and run into the kitchen to see Chris hanging over the sink a trail of blood on the floor around him. With the amount of blood everywhere my first thought was he had cut off his finger with one of the power tools. I walk up to him to see what has happened, his head is oozing blood all over his face, his arms are covered and the sink is filling with it. He explains how he crouched down to grab some nails and whacked his head on a shelf bracket that had been resting against the wall. We staunch the blood with the some paper towel and clean him up quick then head out to the emergency room. We leave the house at 10:30pm we get to the hospital at about a quarter to and get checked in. We then proceed to wait...and wait....and wait at about 2:30 am they finally get Chris and I into a room, where we continue to wait for another hour and a half. We can overhear the nurses outside our room and discover that three ambulances arrived and they trumped our importance.

Five stitches later (thank god he didn't hit his eye)and by the time we were ready to leave it was a quarter to five in the morning. I was supposed to have started work at 9:00 am and I still hadn't even showered after work or had more than an hours sleep since 8:00 am the previous morning. Needless to say I phoned my boss who being a Baker was already at work as I was entering the Hospital parking lot and told him what had happened, I didn't phone off sick, I just switched my shift to 2:00-6:00pm instead. When we got home Chris still had to replace a few stair treads so we could get upstairs for the night, after that and my shower I wasn't even in bed until 7:00am....so needless to say I was a bit exhausted. The silver lining to the whole black cloud however was the emergency doctor letting us know of a female family doctor who may be accepting patients, he told us which office to reach her at and we were able to get her number from the front desk. I phoned today and got both Chris and I on her list and the receptionist said we should hear back from her office within the next week or so!!! So SCORE!!! we have only been looking for a family doctor for almost three years now.

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  1. holy crap! hope he's healing!! and yay for family doctorbs!!


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