Monday, November 16, 2009

Christmas cheer?

The time is approaching fast, LIGHTS, TINSEL, SHOPPING!!!. Now most years the approach of December has me begin premature frown lines that no amount of Oil of Olay will be able to repair come January. This year however is different I find a little bit less 'Ba~hum' in my 'bug', in fact I am finding I am actually gently nursing a tiny seed of what can only be described as.....Christmas cheer.

My usual problem with Christmas is how commercial it is. I would much rather receive a handmade gift from people than an expensive gift that makes me feel guilty to receive. I also hate surprises, ABSOLUTELY DESPISE THEM!. I am a hard person to get an over inflated reaction out of, I generally save my over inflated reactions for my rage filled outbursts. A smile and a thank-you is pretty much as emotional as I get, even when I picture Ed McMahon coming to my doorstep with a giant check my reaction is still a "thank-you" with dignity, no fainting, no screaming. Its not that I'm ungrateful I may absolutely love my gift but it will always be coupled with the guilt of receiving it, an awkward feeling of being indebted to the giver. I even feel this way about a cup of coffee. So I hate surprises because I know the gift giver tries so hard to find the right gift, then to keep it secret and present it to you in a moment of grand revealing to get the ultimate response...which for me will not be huge.

But this year I'm not going to worry about it, I'm just going to enjoy my last Christmas alone with Chris. We have never had our own Christmas tree in our 5.5 years together so this year we will put up and decorate our own tree. We will sing Christmas Carols and make some holiday goodies to enjoy, and just enjoy a quite holiday with the two of us and the puppies. We may burn a yule log together and then have a nice Christmas dinner, the two of us.

I will be merry and enjoy decorating the Bakery and try to make the most of the last uncomplicated Christmas of my life :).

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