Friday, November 6, 2009

1980's me!!!

So this Halloween was the first Halloween I actually dressed up and had some fun in the last few years. It was a spur of the moment idea between myself and the girls at work but we decided to come to work dressed up in our best 80's retro gear. About two days before we went down to Value Village and browsed the racks to find the look we were going for. My costume would not have been complete if I hadn't found the sweet metallic, fuchsia, zebra print, spandex tank top!! I tried to go glam rock wearing a longer t-shirt underneath my tank and a pair of skinny black leggings, the finishing touches were my pink leg warmers, leopard flats and fake hair extensions!. One of the girls brought in a CD book FULL of 80's tunes which we enjoyed for the entire afternoon while we dipped into the customer candy bowl, to finnish off a great day my boss baked us a pizza for lunch!!!:).

It was the best Halloween I have had since Chris and I lived closer to our friends!! I'm really glad I did something this year. Next Halloween we will be a family of five, two adults, two small puppies and one baby!, I think I'm going to borrow my friends family tradition of doing a group costume and going up to Walmart each year for a family photo session. I'm already planning my 'Labyrinth' tribute photo shoot~ David Bowie eat your heart out!.

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