Thursday, February 12, 2009

News for the new year, the winter slumber is ending......

So what is new with me......previously I wrote about cutting fish from my diet, but then I had an epiphany, I LOVE SUSHI WAAAAAAY TO MUCH!!!!. So my small creature tyranny shall continue but still limited only to creatures of the sea.

There was a piece of deer leg (knee to toe) all gnarled up in my lawn. I'm hoping it was a raccoon or coyote pillaging a hunters garbage (a hunter? so weird not living in the big city some days!!) and not a predator in the area. There have been cougar sightings in Loisbourg this January but that is about 30 minutes away...regardless no off leash puppies for awhile.

We had a really rainy day this week which resulted in the frozen eaves draughts overflowing therefore flooding my entry way. There was a hole in the cement foundation and water was squirting out like a hose. It would have been kind of funny had I not been panicking about a basement suite was enough for me to last a lifetime. But the landlord came and put tarp up for us right away which was good. We also had to call him this week about a broken laundry machine which he fixed right away as well, I think we've called about five or six things in the last few months and when we lived upstairs we didn't have to call him about anything at more reason why moving to the basement suite sucks.

This Valentines day Chris and I got a KISS. That's right Gene Simmons is coming to Halifax this summer and we got tickets for both Chris and I to go!!! Apparently they will be selling 44,000 tickets and the Tall Ship festival will be going on at the same time bringing in about one million people, its going to be crazy!!!!.

But I saved the best news for last, My mom is getting remarried this August and I'm going home to Vancouver for a week, Then we will visit Saskatoon on our way back out to Halifax. So two weeks vacation and this time Chris and I are going to go together and we both get to visit our family and friends. I'm so excited this year is gearing up to be awesome. I delayed any baby making attempts for a month to ensure if we do conceive we wont be too far along to make the flight home.

Other than that the only thing I really have to talk about is my new experiment, I have to try to force my thinking in a more positive direction for one month and see if any huge changes result in my life. I'm testing this whole "law of attraction" phenomenon to see whether or not its nonsense. To avoid any cross contamination Chris will be joining me on this and were going to write out a list of positive affirmations to say together every morning. So far I'm thinking it sounds pretty hokey, but what can it hurt to try?


  1. Kiss? Cool beans! Deer leg? Not so cool beans. Sushi... mmmmm. :)

  2. i wouldnt mind thinking more positively for a change...

    but i dont think my mindset will allow it... im just a very negative person by nature..


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